Troubador Where The Birds Hide At Night

Released: 28/05/2014

eISBN: 9781783066599

Format: eBook

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Where The Birds Hide At Night


Peter Smith is the final link between The Great Collective and The Space. With him, the curse must end... The Great Collective were the first to make contact with The Space. Granted immortality, they lived and lived, ceaseless witnesses to humanity’s ills. Resentment manifested itself as the evil Reaping Icon. The fate of the world rests on stopping his poison. Inspector Noose – finished, alone. Framed for a heinous double murder, the so-so crime solver and love rat hits rock bottom as his past misdeeds catch up with him and seed his tragic downfall. He will never come back from this, but one last deed must be done to put things right. Alex ­– weak, feeble. Blamed for the assassination of the Prime Minister and frustrated by a wife who hates him, the young man lets himself become consumed by the malevolent Reaping Icon. He opens Alex up to The Space – the summation of everything that ever was, is or will be – and gives him ultimate control over humanity. Peter Smith – dead, alive. The man who dies and is reborn endlessly now knows who he is and wants to break free from his curse. Nobody wants to live forever, but to have his wish he must contemplate a confrontation with the manifestation of all humanity’s evil: Reaping Icon. But will joining him prove more inviting than stopping him..? Where The Birds Hide At Night follows on from Gareth Wiles’ previous books – I?AM?DEAD, Icon’s Request and A?Matter of?Dark – which are all a part of The Great Collective saga. It will appeal to those who enjoy sci-fi with a hint of mystery, as well as fans of Gareth’s previous books. His books have received glowing feedback, whose readers particularly enjoy the speculative nature of his novels, as he takes current debates and gives them a dark twist.

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Gareth Wiles

Gareth was born in North Wales in 1986 to an unsuspecting middle-aged couple hoping for early retirement. Their hopes were understandably dashed, but their young creation counterbalanced any anxieties of prolonged hardship by demonstrating a keen interest in gardening. He was soon set to work on the land.

The chance gift of a pencil (he wasn’t allowed a pen because his handwriting was so bad) and pad of paper encouraged the boy to retreat into his own fantasy world where he could create people and places that his own surroundings could not offer. As time progressed, so too did his desire to expand this fantasy world.

Back in the real world this writing was, by the adults around him, translated into an interest in English literature and to some extent Gareth, progressing into adulthood, accepted this. And whilst the land he worked on in the garden remained arid, the world in his mind grew plentiful fruit… though oddly the fruit remained rather bitter.

Suddenly finding himself studying English at University, Gareth sought to get several things off his chest. This culminated in him writing and starring in a sci-fi radio series for Calon FM and letting off steam as a member in a band (lasting about as long as Peter Frampton’s stint in Humble Pie, but with absolutely none of the success).

Furthering the vain attempt at a linking narrative to this biography, Gareth found himself led up the garden path and joined a local Horticultural charity. Becoming first Press Officer, and now Secretary, he greatly enjoys not only dealing with the day to day running of things but writing the wry quarterly newsletter.

A budding jack of all trades, that boy is now, in the eyes of the law at least, a man and is writing a biography about himself in third person in order to attempt to elicit interest in both himself and his work. Failure is, of course, the likely outcome of such a venture.

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