Troubador Whatever Next

Released: 29/11/2017

eISBN: 9781788034227

Format: eBook

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Whatever Next


A tale of suspense and intrigue set against a backdrop of international business relations.

When the sale of Patrick’s business falls through after a devious American businessman reneges on the deal, an intriguing and sinister series of events begin to unfold.

Jetting between London, Tokyo, Seoul and Hanover, Patrick sets out to save his company, his marriage and his future, negotiating at speed to raise much needed capital from a very weak position. While Patrick fights to stop his business burning out, a chain of seemingly unconnected events are in motion that could thwart his attempts to succeed…

With surprising consequences and fast-paced twists and turns, Whatever Next is a fast moving novel of the unpredictable world of international business dealings.

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Rory Pralte

Still enjoying involvement in various diverse businesses after 50 years , I am now also writing a number of books and articles and Whatever Next is the first published work. We shall see if it is enjoyed by any readers , it was certainly fun to write !

Rory Pralte
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