Troubador Whatever It Takes

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461857

eISBN: 9781800468580

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Whatever It Takes


DCI Jane Birchfield is facing a series of personal challenges: a rocky relationship with her partner, her mum hardly talks to her; and her boss and mentor is critically ill, which means she is having to cover his post as well as her own. Then she has to take charge of the toughest of murder investigations. 

Young Jamie Castleton is found dead, seemingly frozen in position at a computer in a grubby internet cafe in the Manchester suburb of Ashbridge. Enquiries reveal he was a self employed tech consultant and a computer expert, so what was he doing in there? His mother is convinced he was up to no good, and the cafe manager is soon under suspicion for trying to hide Jamie’s browser history.  

But the more Jane and her increasingly enthusiastic team dig under the surface, the more the evidence points to one of Manchester's biggest companies, Greaves, and its super-wealthy boss, Graeme Hargreaves. This leads Jane into a sordid underworld, and a surprise twist in the investigation forces her to face up to an event in her own past, that she has kept buried for 25 years. 

Slowly, but surely, the net tightens around the suspects, but can she stay objective, and can she keep herself, her team, and her relationship, together, and bring the killer to justice? For Jane it has become a personal crusade, but in this race against time there is far more at stake than she ever imagined.

My first crime fiction book, Every Reason, is available on Amazon.

The second, Whatever It Takes, is published in December 2020 by Matador. And I am now about half way through the third in the series.

I have a podcast in which I read some of the short stories I have written... You can find it at
I am working with an illustrator with a view to publishing new short stories as a collection.

I have had several plays published, and performed at theatres across the South of England.

Please say hello! Send a message to [email protected]

Whatever It Takes is a cleverly constructed crime novel with a strong female lead character. DCI Jane Birchfield tries to juggle her successful career, in what is still a male dominated profession, with that of a home life with a partner who feels he always takes second place.
The crime develops from what is thought initially to be a murder following a local online betting scam to something much more sordid and international.
This second novel by Heaton Wilson is on a par with crime fiction by more established authors of the genre. Due to strong descriptive language, the characters are realistic and brought to life with the reader feeling they know them well.
An excellent read and highly recommended.

by Shani Watts

Heaton Wilson

Born in Stalybridge, near Manchester, I trained as a journalist. It was the best decision I ever made, because it not only gave me the confidence to deal with people (many of them difficult!), but it also enabled me to earn a living from doing what I have always enjoyed - writing.

I worked in Stockport, Bolton, and Bury, before moving to Herefordshire; at which point I swapped sides and moved into public relations, working in Southamptonl, Harrow, and Barnet.

My big career change came when I set myself up as a consultant, living on the Isle of Wight, where we used to come for family holidays, but working at various locations in the UK.

I gradually eased out of full time work, and founded Origins Theatre; writing our plays, and often appearing in them!

The writing bug has never left me, and after graduating with a BA Hons in Literature through the Open University, I began to explore writing fiction, including short stories.

I wrote my first crime fiction novel about three years ago. It's called Every Reason. My new book - Whatever It Takes - is the second in the series. And I am now writing the third.

The legendary Twiggy and I.
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