Troubador War Crimes for the Political Elite

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462274

eISBN: 9781800469617

Format: Paperback/eBook

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War Crimes for the Political Elite


Mark Edge is a special forces soldier whose life has been dedicated to the military for years. He sleeps, eats and breathes war so when suddenly he is back in civilian life, everything is as daunting as when he first headed into combat. Thrown back into life where a gunshot is actually a car backfiring and where loud noises are not precursors for an invasion, Mark struggles to readjust to life with his family. 

A sociopathic boy called Daz murders a friend in a disused quarry. Edge and Daz meet as adults as they both have designs on the same woman. And when Mark Edge doesn't think he can sink any lower, he is cited in a war crimes investigation for an incident in Iraq. 

How will he cope with this last straw? What dark path will Daz lead him down? And what significance does a cat have with the whole tangled mess?

Excellent book a good read

by Sandra O’Neill

A truthful novel about the Labour Patry's loathing of ordinary British people.

by Anon

Absolutely believeable fiction. Feel every emotion. An epic Tour de Force.

by I'm from Barcelona

Mark Edge was born to be a soldier, and a fine one, tough, courageous and intelligent. From his childhood up when life deals him hard knocks, he knocks back with great force. But he is also a sensitive soul, too much so for his own comfort. Soldiering is a career that has to end in peace or death. Will he finally find peace?

The scenes of action are utterly authentic and gripping, without flashy heroics, written by someone who has really been there in the dirty little wars of the last few decades. The softer moments are moving, and relief is provided a certain amount of fantasy -- in all, a well balanced mix.

All books are unique, but this is one of a kind. Unreservedly recommended.

by Ralph Hancock

Christophe Downes

Christophe Downes served for 38 years in the military as an apprentice and adult Service. He has completed tours in multiple locations in the UK and Germany during the Cold War. Later he served on operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the Middle East and Asia. This is his debut.

He is based in Lincolnshire.

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