Troubador Unsafe Deposit

Released: 28/06/2016

eISBN: 9781785895623

Format: eBook

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Unsafe Deposit


When a young, penniless, political asylum seeker lands on British soil and co-founds a manufacturing company destined for the Stock Exchange, his dirty secrets are used by his enemies as blackmail to satisfy their own unlawful ends... 

Into these murky waters rides a London lawyer on a cycling holiday. Wholly innocent and unaware of the course of events about to unfold and engulf him, he is confronted with a series of riddles to solve which will stretch his patience and test his resolve. Running through this meshwork of power and conundrums is the world of fine arts, in the shape of a priceless piece of jewellery with a romantic provenance and an antiquity of central Europe dating back more than two thousand years, and the world of commerce with its boardroom power struggles and shifting loyalties. Mistakes are made, clues are misunderstood, hopes are raised and dashed, tears are shed and relationships are formed and broken in an adventure of intrigue as the characters move through the storyline. Who, if anyone, is really reprehensible is entirely up to the reader to judge... 

Unsafe Deposit is a thrilling tale exploring the secret world of questionable dealings and underhand measures. It will appeal to those looking for a gripping storyline with an outcome that is impossible to guess.

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