Troubador Underclass 7

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781783064632

Format: Paperback

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Underclass 7


Financial deprivation and personal demons of the past lead young man Foss and six of his closest friends to burgle the abandoned house of a retired entrepreneur. Deano, the crook of the group, leads Foss and the others to the home in hope it will be a simple way to make some money – fast. On entering the house they search for objects of worth and petty cash – but that’s not all they find... Foss and the others search the old rusted building but the search comes to halt as they discover an alarming stash of money and drugs. Fearful that he and his friends have become involved in something far worse than they bargained for, Foss leaves the burglary thinking about how he is going to adjust, unnoticed, to his newfound wealthy lifestyle. Little does he know that his criminal actions will lead to something far more sinister – a chain of events that will change their lives forever. This mystery-thriller exposes the consequences of being led by temptation. Foss and his friends, who indulge in the seven deadly sins, create their own downfalls. Pride can get the best of you, whilst greed can consume you. Yet how does an individual discover their most indulged sin? To try it? Underclass 7 is a mind-bending novel that will have the reader questioning their own moral judgement.

'Tales of the Hood is a great book. It gives a brilliant insight into the lives on young people on the streets'
'I couldn't put it down. Gripping story line. Action in every chapter. Kept me on edge'

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T K  Williams-Nelson

Tannika K Williams-Nelson is a young London based author who's passion for writing has led to her e-book Tales of the Hood and her pending novel, Underclass 7. She discovered her talent in secondary school and has been writing ever since - including poetry & song writing.

Tales of the Hood is based on youth culture and gang violence in a fictional area of London. Jayden experiences various obstacles on his way to discovering his life path and identity in a corrupt, contemporary society.

Tannika is now studying Criminal Justice in university and hopes to write crime books in future.

T K Williams-Nelson
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