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Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788032650

eISBN: 9781788031516

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Unauthorised Action


Following the success of No Immunity and A Game That Must Be Lost, Unauthorised Action is the final instalment in Alan Hunt’s fast-paced thriller series. In the wake of terrorist attacks in London, the Foreign Office is shocked by the murder of the beautiful young diplomat, Kate Thomas. Immediately her colleague, Adam White, falls under suspicion. Adam’s fiancée, Alison, believes in his innocence, but in the bid to clear his name Adam faces a wall of secrecy from officials engaged in a covert operation. Defying his superior’s instructions, Adam pursues a lead to Madrid, where he identifies the man he believes to be Kate’s murderer. Soon others fall victim to the killer, as he prepares for an audacious assassination attempt in London. But who is the target of the attack? And who is aiding the terrorists? In a violent and shocking climax, the terrorists strike, the assassin breaks cover and the traitor is finally unmasked. Alan Hunt once again keeps the reader guessing until the last page in this, the final book in the Adam White trilogy.

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Breakaway Reviewers

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A super final installment in Hunt's foreign office trilogy. Works well as a "stand alone" if you haven't read the first 2.

by Greg Davis

Set in the spring and summer of 2005, Alan Hunt sets out a beautifully balanced scenario in the wake of the July 7th terrorist attacks.

Alan Hunt starts the book before the terrorist attacks occur setting the scene perfectly, and it is not until almost the end of the book that the plot completes its full circle.

When Kate Thomas of the Foreign Office is found murdered, her last contact, and somewhat-involved colleague, Adam White, finds himself at the centre of the investigation. Centring around the possibility of some fraudulent dealings involving pensions and despite being told in no uncertain terms not to pursue the case, Adam heads over to the Madrid Embassy to try to unravel the mystery behind Kate’s death.

This is a thriller written by a well-educated and travelled man. Mr Hunt is a former diplomat and his knowledge of foreign affairs shines through. As well as the external threat to the UK, we are treated to some of the internal wranglings within the various departments of diplomacy and security.

Throughout it all, Alan White remains loyal to his task, to himself and to Kate Thomas, despite the threats to himself and his partner, Alison Webster.

The reader is drip-fed tiny bits of inter-connecting information, allowing him/her to both confirm and imagine various parts of the overall plot. Alan Hunt cleverly brings the whole thing to a climax. However, right at the end, there is the sense that not all is revealed, and with that, the possibility of a follow-up book.

I would also like to compliment both author and publisher on the quality of the paper and general feel of the book. All too often, reviewers are subjected to half-decent novels put out on poor quality materials, which neglect the tactile element there is in reading a book. This, however, was up to the standard of the plot – first-class!

by Sméagol, Breakaway Reviewers

Warmest congratulations. Read at one sitting. Gripping; page-turning; convincing. A fine last of the thrilling trilogy, as well, cleverly, as a very good read on its own. That said, the loose ends are handsomely secured.
The book deserves great success, and I am confident it will have that. (The cover also is another good one.)

by C J Rufus

The last and best of Alan Hunt's Foreign Office trilogy though just as easily read as a one-off book. His long diplomatic career clearly enhances the thriller's realism (minus, one hopes, the murders!) An excellent read and warmly recommended.

by Alan Orbell

So well written! So exciting - could not put it down! Please write more!

by Mrs C Ruth B Rollitt

The young diplomat. Kate Thomas has been murdered. Adam White is suspected of her murder. The police don't seem to want to look any further. At the same time there are terrorists threats that Adam is trying to uncover. Lots of intrigue going on with double spying in the diplomatic office in Madrid. Adam is sure Kate found something there and he is trying to expose those involved. The President of Iraq is coming so he is believed to be the target. Can Adam find Kate's murderer and unravel the plot before he is put in jail? His fiance is doubting him and he does not have time to explain it all to her. The more he finds the more bodies show up. In the end it will all come together. Great read.

by Nancy Witt

Easy to read, exciting and intriguing thriller - never quite sure whats going to happen right up to the end. Read all three and recommend them all.

by [email protected]

Alan Hunt

Alan Hunt is a former British diplomat, who served in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and East Asia. He was for seven years Director of the Oxford University Foreign Service Programme and is now a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.

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