Troubador Trust But A Few

Released: 28/05/2015

eISBN: 9781784629045

Format: eBook

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Trust But A Few


In?Glasgow, two very different worlds are on a collision course. Alex McBain is a crime lord who controls drugs, moneylending and prostitution in most of the north of the city.?He has been pursued for years by local cop Erik?Allensen, who suspects that?McBain has millions of dirty money in cash in safe deposit with a local Glasgow bank. Suddenly, it becomes urgent for McBain to launder the cash: he has a terminal heart condition. South of the river,?Usman Malik and his family have the monopoly on drugs, and they have their sights set on taking over the McBain empire. Respectable Glasgow becomes embroiled in this potentially explosive situation. James Eastman, a commercial lawyer, is conned into giving advice to McBain, but he soon sees an opportunity to get some rewards himself. Alex McBain’s only child Sonny has already killed more than once in order to maintain McBain supremacy and establish his authority as the heir to his father’s empire.?Alex relies on ex-SAS?Rab Donald, his right-hand man, as an enforcer.?Rab wants to avoid an all-out war between Sonny and Malik when Alex dies. Who will end up with the millions... and the McBain empire? Trust But A Few is a intelligent crime-thriller novel, where the stakes are high and the winner may take it all...

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