Troubador Trial Balance

Released: 28/09/2017

ISBN: 9781788035255

Format: Paperback

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Trial Balance


Investment bankers - don't you love them!

Buck Donaldson, also with a shady past gun-smuggling in Africa, is one of those greedy and irresponsible bankers who caused the austerity Britain we all live in. But he's still rich. Arthur and Jimmy, two northern friends and going-on senior citizens, see this austerity at first hand. Bonded by love of wild country, they succeed in two vigilante training missions. Emboldened, they decide Buck can't be allowed to get away with it and take the law into their own hands to exact some natural justice.

Samantha, a northern working class girl who won a scholarship to a top girls' public school which gave her a huge chip on her shoulder, rises to work in Buck's bank and becomes his mistress. Dumped by Buck when the financial crisis hits him and sickened by the amorality of banking, she sets up an orchid-growing nursery in Yorkshire. She continues where Jimmy and Arthur leave off and then expands her campaign to target the Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, whose daughter bullied her mercilessly at school. But Arthur's son David is an investigative journalist who begins to uncover some disturbing coincidences - and falls in love with Samantha.

So who do you want brought to justice - Buck, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jimmy, Arthur, Samantha?

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