Troubador Treason

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803130668

Format: Paperback

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U-boats and Lysanders


Three young students meet at Heidelberg University, in the mid 1930’s, as Hitler’s Nazis rise swiftly to power. Heinrich is a civilised, humane, German whilst Hugh is a privileged Englishman attracted to the totalitarianism of the far right. Charlotte is French, attempting to control the tensions between the two young men.

After university and with war looming Heinrich flies to England to work for the BBC. With the outbreak of war Hugh qualifies as a RAF pilot and Charlotte joins the Free French. Having helped rescue the stranded De Gaulle family and bringing them safely to England she is asked to join the SOE as an agent working in France.

MI5 begin to suspect that Hugh may be working as an enemy agent who is passing on information about Atlantic convoys. His role flying Lysander aircraft to land English agents in France would give him the chance to pass on this classified information at the same time. His two former student friends are asked to investigate whether this is the case.

This meticulously researched wartime novel builds to a thrilling climax as the North Atlantic convoys continue their deadly cat and mouse game with the German U-boats. Traitors need to be unmasked and vital information about these convoys is at stake.

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