Troubador Torres del Paine

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461741

eISBN: 9781800468085

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Torres del Paine


Torres del Paine is set in the scenically spectacular Chilean national park of the same name. The story begins in the early part of 2020 in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, which, in the park, is extremely windy.

Inspector Ignatius Hernandez, a.k.a Nacho, has to solve the apparent murder of a visiting US Senator while the park is isolated due to weather-related incidents. A range of suspects from various nationalities, using a variety of possible killing methods, are investigated and discarded before the crime is finally solved.

The characters represent several newsworthy special interest themes and viewpoints, and all have a reason for killing the senator. All the action takes place against the backdrop of the beautiful mountains and lakes of some of the world’s greatest scenery.

Torres del Paine is a classic “English Country House” murder mystery that transported me out of lockdown to this spectacular Chilean National Park. Multiple suspects, potential methods, and motives that range from geopolitical to personal kept me guessing how, why and who-dunnit throughout. A great read for lockdown or your next holiday – whenever that’s allowed. Patagonia may be high on the list after reading this page-turner.

by Peter Fullerton

The author imaginatively transposes the classic country house murder to the wilds of a Chilean national park, marooning the detective and the suspects by means of bad weather. Deprived of forensic advice, the hero has to decide himself whether a visiting and very controversial American senator has been murdered, and if so, which of the many possible suspects, all of whom have plausible motives, is guilty. The detective, who has been exiled there because his previous work has already put various bigwigs' noses out of joint, is placed under considerable political and international pressure to resolve this politically charged situation. Along the way, there is some romantic interest.
It's an interesting variation on a classic plot. I'm not a regular reader of books in this genre, but it seemed to me to work reasonably well.
In what is quite a slim novel, the location is well portrayed, while the characters, and the relationships between them, would have benefited from further exploration and development.

by Nick T

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