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Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590093

eISBN: 9781838599379

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Tongued With Fire

A Story of Family Pride and Murder


“I always look forward to the next book by Norman Russell.... One to read slowly, and savour like a fine wine.” – MyShelf’s review of the ‘Oxford’ series 

Frank Renfield, Baron Renfield of Renfield Hall, will go to any lengths to preserve his noble heritage. Along with his fiercely determined wife Carole, he concocts a plan to marry their daughter to Karl Langer, a young American millionaire - a union that will solve all Frank’s urgent problems. Unfortunately for her parents, Jessica is in love with Alan Lavender, a handsome, but crude young man.

When Alan’s uncle is found murdered, suspicion immediately falls on Frank as a result of his uneasy relationship with the man. The Renfields throw a lavish birthday party for Carole, but the evening is tainted when Alan is killed and a young man shoots himself dead. And things take a sharp turn for the worse when another, unconnected, murder is laid at Frank’s door.

Can Frank prove his innocence? And will the murderer be caught before they strike again?

A very enjoyable crime novel. Lord Renfield, whose stately home has been in the family for generations, is nearly bankrupt and he and his wife are desperate to keep the house in the family. Their plan is to lure a wealthy American into marrying their daughter. But there are secrets in both their own lives and in the Renfield family’s past that threaten to scupper their plans.

With a plot containing blackmail as well as several murders, some secondary characters who are more rounded than in many crime novels, good pacing, and good style, this is a novel that I relished to the end.

by Michael C

Great read. The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.

by Cristie

Tongued With Fire is a fantastic mystery that is well written and has great characters. I loved this book and want to read more from this author.

by Heather

Crime, murder, debt, revenge, family, image, obsession, past impacting the many emotions and motivations in this book!

Lord Renfield is in debt and the only way he can see a solution to solve his money woes is to marry off his daughter to a wealthy man. He has a man in mind but his daughter is definitely not interested. The man Jessica IS interested in is…something else, indeed. Jessica’s mother projects the perfect image of a baroness but seems to have a dark side...and BOY is it dark! Renfield’s past as an officer comes into play and almost plays him. There is a LOT going on in this book with strings to follow and untangle with some leading to new clues that lead to other threads until the very end. It kept me on my toes from beginning to end and I enjoyed following the story, the characters and trying to figure out what would happen next and how the story would be wrapped up in the end. If there is anything I would like a bit more of it would be to know some of the characters and their back stories a little bit better.

by Cathy

A story about the trials and tribulations of an aristocrat in the 21st century. Poor Frank has a title and what's left of an estate, but no money. What he has got, various people are trying to take from him - from his pretty daughter, by a penniless artist, his money (that he hasn't got) by a blackmailer, and even his title. To add insult to injury, the local police think he could be a murderer.

Enjoyed it immensely

by Aileen

This is a quality modern day murder mystery but with an old fashioned feel. Well written and entertaining with excellent characterisation throughout, plenty of plot twists and turns, certainly more than enough for this reader at any rate. Authentic and engaging from first to last page.

by John

Baron Renfield of Renfield Hall has problems - a financial crisis, in fact, together with a need to preserve his heritage. His answer is to marry off his daughter to an Amercian millionaire - a plan not without its problems. Very enjoyable mystery, well written and entertaining, deftly plotted.and atmospheric.

by Ruth

Norman Russell

Norman Russell is an academic writer and novelist.An Oxford Scandal is the third in his Inspector Antrobus series of novels set in the ancient university city in the last years of the nineteenth century. He has had twenty novels published, including his Victorian thrillers featuring Inspector Box, and the Inspector Jackson series, set in rural Warwickshire. His published academic works include The Novelist and Mammon (1986), contributions to The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens (1999)and annotated texts of Catholic interest translated from French. He is a graduate of Oxford and London universities, and a Member of the Society of Authors.

Norman Russell
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