Troubador The Will

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785893865

Format: Paperback

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The Will


Jane Mann’s crime and mystery novel, The Will, follows the story of Hannah Delaney, aged 27, who returns from Hong Kong to England to unravel a mystery surrounding her father and his will. Her investigations lead her through layers of obstruction, deceit and manipulation, which reveal disturbing psychological motives and criminal intent that puts her life in danger. How will she cope with the mysteries that unfold in front of her? Will love from a new encounter change her perspective, or will she find only hate and deceit? Readers will identify with Hannah as she has to come to terms with grief, uncertainty and isolation in her pursuit of the truth and justice. The Will is a story of suspense and action but one which explores also a seeming evil and the affect of the past on one’s imagination and its conflict with the future. It deals, in addition, with the problem of a very obsessive and self-centred character, Hugo, and how he impacts on Hannah’s story. The Will will appeal to fans of crime and mystery and those who enjoy a novel of realism with a touch of the gothic.

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I really enjoyed this thoroughly good read. When reading in bed at the end of a long day of work and domestic duties my usual practice is to fall asleep after two or three pages and then to have to re read those the following night.
No such problem with "The Will", unable to put it down and reading late into the early hours I had sadly finished it in record time.
An enthralling plot captivatingly written. I would recommend and endorse this thrilling book to everybody.

by Stephen Green

This is a very moving and intriguing story.
The author cleverly leads us through Hannah’s difficult and sometimes life threatening situations, encouraging our sympathy and urging her to solve the mysteries that confront her.
As we learn more of her brother’s criminal intent, we wonder with her who is friend or foe and whom she can trust. I was particular drawn to ‘The Will’ by the author’s style of keeping the plot moving and the reader guessing and by the variety of these life like characters.
I thoroughly recommend this novel as an absorbing read, and worth every penny of the price.

by Anthony Haines

What a great read. Gripping from the start and full of intrigue. The characters are wonderfully developed and interesting and draw you into Hannah's life. I found it very difficult to put down. Well worth a read!

by Rachel G

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