Troubador The Trials of Sally Dunning and A Clerical Murder

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788038126

eISBN: 9781788034371

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Trials of Sally Dunning and A Clerical Murder


The Trials of Sally Dunning Local Wigan drug dealing duo Donna ‘Donkey’ Riley and Barry ‘Bones’ Ritchie befriend fifty-three year old autistic and brain damaged Sally Dunning. Groomed, robbed and defrauded, bullied and beaten up, Sally is unlikely to be the best witness when the perpetrators are caught and appear in court. Sally sees the goodness in everyone. But a chance meeting on holiday when her home is burgled turns Sally’s life around in a spectacular way.

A Clerical Murder Dr Tony Scriven has a cross-section of clerics on his psychiatrist’s list. He notes they are all musical. Group therapy is part of his treatment for them. But what changes do the clerics experience? When a cleric is murdered it seems obvious who did it. But is it? Can the patients ever be the same after their encounter with the psychiatrist? And can love be found amid the mayhem?

Great interest being shown on Rousay and Orkney as The Crazy Psychologist is set there. I'll be on Orkney in May for book sales.

Johnston Press about to interview me over The Trials of Sally Dunning.

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Miller H Caldwell

I served on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland. I was the evnts manager. I have published 23 books since starting to be a full time author in 2003.

I was the camp manger (Post earthquake 2005) in the NWFP of Pakistan and was first to alert authorities that Osama bin Laden was in Abbotabad. I was the Regional Reporter to the Children's Hearings (The Scottish legal system for placing children on supervision or care.)

Now with increasing memory problems, my last book may have been written although I have written an unpublished novel. Having great editors to change my work is a super help. So to Alan, David in France and Alex on Jura, thanks team.

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