Troubador The Trial of Lester Chan

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591700

eISBN: 9781838597405

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Trial of Lester Chan


When Lester Chan, the ‘Jewellery King’ of Hong Kong, is charged with a banking fraud, Jonathan Savage, a middle-ranking QC who is used to a professional diet of murder and mayhem, and who has never before worked outside of England, is sent out to defend him. Also caught up in the defence case is Frank Grinder, a retired solicitor. For the Prosecution, Graham Truckett, a member of the Hong Kong Government Legal Department, has been put in charge and is completely out of his depth. The trial judge, Mr Justice O’Brien relishes his reputation for efficiency, but trouble at home keeps him preoccupied.

In this light-hearted novel, a host of humorous characters reveal what it is like to be involved in a criminal case against a backdrop of life in Hong Kong.

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This a story of an English Silk coming to Hong Kong for the first time to undertake a long fraud case. As a legal story it is fascinating but what I enjoyed most was the hilarious consequences of the clash of cultures

by Amazon Review

A thoroughly enjoyable insight to the procedures and protocols of the legal system. Most amusing interplay between the main characters and an especially fascinating reveal between the judge and his clerk. Great fun but also very interesting.

by Phil Whatmough

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson QC was, for many years, in practice at the Bar. He specialised in criminal law, defending and prosecuting in cases of murder, fraud, corruption and other serious crimes, both in England and Hong Kong. He always has enjoyed writing for pleasure but,had preferred to avoid the subject of the Law. However, his latest book, 'The Trial of Lester Chan' lifts the lid on what it is like be involved in a criminal case from the points of view of counsel for the defence, counsel for the prosecution and the trial judge.

He has three grown-up daughters and he and his wife, Julia, live in the Cotswolds

Martin Wilson

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