Troubador The Teleios Ring

Released: 01/05/2011

eISBN: 9781848766259

Format: eBook

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The Teleios Ring


In a quiet corner in rural Kent, a 75 year old spinster is found dead at the bottom of her stairs, apparently killed while disturbing a burglary. Within days, two more people have been brutally murdered, triggering a race against time to catch a serial-killer before it is too late.

Local Police Officer, John Garrick is on the case, closely followed by Journalist Neil Ashton, both of them out of their depth but both trying to unravel the mystery of something called Teleios, the word sprayed in bright, red letters at each of the murder scenes. And unknown to both of them, sinister, ex-government security agent, Craven, also wants to find out what Teleios means – but for very different reasons. What none of them realise is the magnitude of what they are dealing with; a chain of events that threatens the very heart of the establishment and which will change the fabric of society forever. An outcome so unimaginable that people are prepared to kill for it. Will any of them get there in time? And when they discover the true meaning of Teleios, will their lives ever be the same again?

The plot combines the classic English murder mystery with the murky world of politics and international espionage. In an old fashion sense, the story is a mixture of Agatha Christie and John le Carré. In contemporary terms, the story is told from the perspective of three different protagonists, in a style reminiscent of Robert Goddard and Susan Hill.

Adam Loxley is the accomplished British author of crime and political thriller fiction.

Adam Loxley's debut novel, 'The Teleios Ring' was published in 2011.

"With The Teleios Ring, Adam Loxley masterfully constructs a complex and intelligent thriller that combines the classic English murder mystery with the murky world of politics and international espionage."

His latest novel, The Artemis File, was published in 2019 and brings another intoxicating mix of political intrigue and gritty crime thriller to the book stage

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Adam Loxley

Adam Loxley lives in the Weald of Kent. Other than creative writing his passions are music, world cinema and contemporary art.

Adam Loxley's identity remains a real life mystery, even to his closest friends and colleagues...

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