Troubador The SA Connection

Released: 28/10/2015

ISBN: 9781784624637

Format: Paperback

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The SA Connection

A Georgina van Wyk Mystery


A murder mystery set against the politics of apartheid in 1960s South Africa, from the viewpoint of a wealthy and privileged young white girl. When prosperous South African lawyer Hendrik van Wyk’s political ambitions result in his brutal murder, his beautiful and intelligent young wife Georgina sets out to seek the truth and protect her luxurious lifestyle. The only suspect is a sinister member of the banned African National Congress, but Georgie is certain that a shadowy department of the South African police are responsible. Georgie’s arrogance and condescension – born out of great wealth and privilege – are softened as an unexpected friendship develops between her and David, the ten-year-old grandson of her Zulu gardener. Living under a constant vigil by the security services begins to take its toll. She escapes to her mother’s house in London and there begins to decipher a secret code, delivered in a last cryptic message from her husband. She meets with London diamond dealers to see if they have the evidence that will protect Georgie from the forces who seem determined to silence her. Only three people are important to her:?David, her mother in England and the man responsible for the murder of her husband. Or is there a fourth..? The?SA?Connection is a gripping novel that will appeal to crime fiction lovers, especially fans of Karl Greenberg, Phil Rickman and Paul Doherty.

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