Troubador The Root of All Evil

Released: 13/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894978

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The Root of All Evil


Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative forms of criminal activity undertaken in the modern age. Sadly, the use of people as criminal commodities has yet to cease, even though slavery was abolished in the 19th Century. It’s 2013. Winckley Square, in the heart of Preston City, is only a short drive from Lancashire Police Headquarters. Close by, an established criminal network is coercing Brazilian women into sexual exploitation. 

When the gangsters responsible for the operation discover that someone has been siphoning their criminal proceeds and cheating them, they despatch a vicious enforcer who will stop at absolutely nothing to get answers for his masters. When the body of a naked female is discovered on the Guild Wheel at Red Scar, Detective Superintendent Jack Finney, head of Lancashire Constabulary’s Complex Crime Unit, is asked to investigate. With the help of his sidekick Chip and the beautiful Crown Prosecutor Jasmine Booth, he embarks on a dangerous journey to obtain answers, utilising operatives from his Specialist Covert Operations and Undercover Team to gather evidence. 

Jack Finney never gets angry, but his victims and their families need him to get even. He knows this need for justice first hand because he too is a victim searching for answers from a crime that was committed many years ago. But Finney has other pressing personal battles to fight. Are the investigations becoming too much for him? Or does he really have the gift of being able to communicate with the dead?




What an exciting Gritty true to life novel. This is the first book I have read from this new author I eagerly await his second book

by chris wilson

A fascinating read, excellent in depth characterisation of the individuals in the story. All the ingredients are there in the book to make it a best seller

by Graham Lister

Friday 13th what a great day to release a book where the main character communicates with the dead, brilliant.

by Steve Cummins

A great book, a real insight into modern day policing warts and all.

Looking forward to the next one .

by shaun Dowd

How nice to write a book and have it reviewed by one's work colleagues!! I'm certain that the book was read and objectively judged by the reviewers..

by Don Grieve

What a great read, a real insight. I couldn't put it down, each character has its own story and cleverly interlinked, with some great twists you just don't see coming. I hope there are more to follow.

by Sarah

Amazing book with a fantastic story line. It's an original story that keeps you wondering what will happen next & the James Connelly type twist really keeps you guessing.

I highly recommend the book & eager to read the 2nd edition by the Author.

by Aftab Ahmed

Full marks for this gripper of a tale. Jack Finney and his team are a fabulous creation, great fiction with a serious underlying message about the despicable business of people trafficking. If I ever need the police I will ring Jack Finney.

by Marcus George

I enjoyed reading this book, which is set in my home city of Preston with mention of several famous locations and long standing businesses associated with the area. I really did feel I was on a journey with the complex crime unit and being given an insight into the dilemma's faced by detectives and the dangers they encounter. Well thought out with more twisting than Chubby Checker and a fantastic climax at the end, as well as in the bank! A good buy for Christmas.

by Joe Lee

Great book Dad, I've always been a huge fan of crime novels and I couldn't put this one down. Watch out Luther. Jack Finney is on the case!

by Maria Hindle

Great first novel. Easy to read with true life characters. Plot was well constructed with the final chapter bringing it all together. Looking forward to Stephen's next book.

by Mary Johnson

Excellent 1st book, well researched, written, gripping thriller.

by John Dickinson

Great read with some excellent characters and intriguing plot.

by Philip Walne

Have known Stephen throughout his police career, this is a great read and I think that some characters are familiar!!! Great first book.

by Mark Unsworth

Stephen Hindle

Stephen Hindle was born in Preston in 1963. He was educated locally before joining Lancashire Police as a cadet in 1980. During a 30 year police career he served in various uniform roles and as a detective in local CID, Special Branch and Anti–Corruption. He retired in 2012 and describes himself as a Proud Prestonian and an avid follower of the Lilywhites. He is married to Julia and currently investigates for Lancashire Police.

A keen cyclist he uses the Guild Wheel on a daily basis, where the murder scene in his first book is depicted.

In 2010, whilst attending a bonfire and firework display at Alston Hall, Preston College, his wife noticed he was paying particular attention to an advert inside, regarding a Creative Writing Course being run by Nick Oldham. It was one of the best presents he ever received and helped him realise his ambition to become an author.

When not writing, his spare time is spent socialising and walking with his wife and much loved Dalmatian, Dillon. He has three children. His son Kyle and Dalmatian Dillon are characterised in his first publication.

Commended for his investigations into organised crime and corruption he has now started his second book in the Jack Finney and Complex Crime Unit Trilogy, 'The Childhood Stealers'.

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