Troubador The Reverse Commute

Released: 13/02/2020

eISBN: 9781838598198

Format: eBook

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The Reverse Commute


Set in Los Angeles, New York and rural Texas, The Reverse Commute is a complex evaluation of relationships and love.

Aged 12, Geoff Dealer was involved in a tragic incident that led to the death of two people, one of whom was his father. The fallout resulted in Geoff being separated from his family, and he has not spoken to his mother since. Aged 32, Geoff's carefully constructed life implodes when he receives a letter from his estranged mother - she has cancer and wants a reconciliation. Soon after Geoff receives a phone message from Christine, an ex-girlfriend, who has been assaulted and is in hospital, seriously injured, and also wants to re-establish contact. Geoff must overcome his tragic past to move forward - will the letter from his mother and the phone message from Christine be the catalyst for him to finally turn his life around?

The Reverse Commute looks at how relationships can become twisted, examines the consequences of taking emotional revenge, and how tragic childhoods can be overcome.

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