Troubador The Reaper Calls, Time

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788032698

Format: Paperback

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The Reaper Calls, Time


Ronnie Callaghan is back and this time, death is final... In the third book of ‘The Fingerless Gloves’ series, readers see the return of Ronnie Callaghan, ex-professional boxer, who has found himself unwittingly in the throes of revenge crime. In The Reaper Calls, Time Ronnie knows better than to argue his case, even though death has been following him around. Mercifully, the intervention in the form of a hitman, Buffy Manilla, has pulled him back from the brink of certain death. But for Ronnie, the harrowing experience in itself has amounted to one fight too many. Seeking a form of closure from the ordeal was never going to happen. In spite of his fortuitous circumstances he now finds himself struggling to cope with life after death and in a state of permanent solitude. Even his closest friend Siddie Levy knows to keep his distance. For Ronnie, the gym and boxing might just be his one saving grace...

To date, I have written two crime/thrillers (SPOOKS SERIES) with a further three in mind. Currently obtainable on Kindle format & Paperback on Amazon. My latest venture is a Boxing/Crime/thriller Trilogy, The Fingerless Gloves, sub-title..Seconds out Book 1 is due for release on the 28th March/o16. Book 2 of the Trilogy will be available in late Nov titled Down, but not out!


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Gary Tulley

I am 77 year old ex AM/PRO Boxing trainer, now residing in Eastbourne E/Sx. I have a son & two step Daughters and happily married to Sheila who is my biggest critic.

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