Troubador The Pregnant Mule

Released: 01/03/2013

ISBN: 9781780884370

Format: Paperback

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The Pregnant Mule


A political novel that touches upon current issues of recession, the NHS and racism, written by consultant cardiologist, Sola Odemuyiwa

Thirty years ago, during a deep recession, a nationalist coalition government decided to vaccinate all non-British men against ADHD in an attempt to prevent street crime.

Mensah, recently appointed consultant cardiologist, discovers that the vaccine was contaminated and he has only five years to live. Haunted by his mother’s breakdown and his father’s desertion, all he wants is to provide for his son. The cardiac department he now works for is under threat from its larger city rival and is riven by bitter feud between Brenda Reeves (head of cardiology) and the flamboyant electrophysiologist, Fay Lawani.

When Annie Bello turns up in Mensah’s wards needing a new pacemaker – after 30 years in hiding – he asks junior doctor Rahul to perform the operation. When Annie is later found murdered, Rahul is arrested. What secrets link Rahul to Annie? Is there a connection between the faulty pacemakers and the government? Mensah must untangle a web of secrets, deceit and betrayal if he is to save his hospital and provide a future for his son and remain true to himself.

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