Troubador The Path of the Bullet

Released: 27/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894541

Format: eBook

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The Path of the Bullet


A ruthless assassin at large in the UK and heading for a target in Cambridge… an office steaming with jealousy and passion… a hero’s body found in a war museum and a disconsolate man – gnawed at by ghosts from his distant and recent past – charged with finding the murderer.

With a steadily increasing fusion of murder, intrigue and suspense, the floundering Mark McKay finds himself thrown onto a hotbed of deception, fraud, incest and even a neo-Nazi’s murderous intent.

Set in Cambridge at around the turn of the millennium, The Path of the Bullet, the first of the new Cambridge Mysteries series, explains how McKay forsakes his hermitic existence on the Lincolnshire coast and becomes attracted to the beautiful city of Cambridge in both mind and body.







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Michael C. Jacques

M C Jacques studied at St Andrews and Oxford Universties and specialised in Ancient and Semitic Languages. For much of the past 2 decades he has lived and worked with international students in and around Cambridge. Having written an 84 page ‘crime story’ when aged 10, he had the idea of writing The Cambridge Mysteries series after meeting Inspector Morse author, Colin Dexter, in 2010. His favourite writers include P.D. James and Mike Ripley.

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