Troubador The Path of Deception

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788033572

Format: Paperback

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The Path of Deception


London is faced with the greatest terrorist outrage it has ever experienced when Scotland Yard and much of its surroundings are reduced to rubble. With hundreds dead, detectives are forced to confront the fact that somewhere in their midst, at the very heart of their team, there is a traitor. A deeply hidden agent is working against them and just three senior detectives are privy to the secret - with the clock ticking against them to neutralise him or her before a further outrage occurs that will dwarf anything that the world has yet seen.

But nothing is as it seems, and as the scene shifts from London to the USA and then to Paris and the hidden workings of the DGSE, the French secret service, a complex plan is exposed, involving those at the heart of government, that will shatter the world order that has existed for almost a century. Thereafter, against the background of mass migration in Europe, a complex story emerges linking Nazi-occupied France in 1943 and London in the near future; and from Beirut in 1982 to the plains of Kansas and the suburbs of Paris, as a conspiracy unfolds that will change history and alter the lives of millions.As the end-game is played out during the preparations of the coronation ceremony of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey, life or death for millions hangs in the balance.

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The Path of Deception is a compelling read; Gilbertson's background as a senior officer in the Metropolitan police means he can draw on a wealth of experience about police procedures which lends the book a powerful authenticity. The plot, with its emphasis on Islamist terrorism, has an all too convincing contemporary resonance; but there's a twist at the end which will set expectations on their head. Strongly recommended.

by Robin Aitken

David Gilbertson's The Path of Deception is a must-read for those who delight in a meticulous, well-crafted conspiracy thriller. The author's notable career as a member of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorism unit gives this novel an authenticity and plausibility sometimes lacking in other books of this genre. The plot, set in the not to distant future, is particularly timely and relevant given the almost daily acts of terrorism which are being carried out today. However, Gilbertson makes one look beyond the most obvious reasons for this violence by giving us historical context for the events which take place in the novel. He provokes us to look critically at the past to reach new conclusions about whether or not other forces may be influencing present and future events. I thoroughly enjoyed this book on many levels and would highly recommend it.

by Lynette Walton

"The Path of Deception" grabbed my attention from the opening paragraph and held me through the epilogue. Through twists and turns the intrigue continued to grow driven by the same compulsion that drove Keith Martin to fulfill his mission. Gilbertson's experience in policing and, especially, counter-terrorism provided insight and detail that portrayed an unbelievable series of events in a realistic and thoroughly believable manner. The plot possibilities presented in "The Path of Deception" provided food for both thought and discussion. This is the type of tale that would make a thoroughly watchable television miniseries, and I recommend that Gilbertson suggest it to the BBC.

by Lyle Walton

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