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Troubador The Parish of Frayed Ends

Malcolm Noble Show

Released: 07/03/2008

ISBN: 9781906221799

Format: Paperback

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The Parish of Frayed Ends


Timberdick knows that the local tallyman was only pretending to be dead in the water. And she believes that Widow McKinley died peacefully in her Curiosity Shop. But when the Chief Constable asks questions about a Superintendent who was buried two years ago, our street-wise detective finds that she is investigating three murders instead of one.

Christmas 1965 is a busy time for the cheapest call-girl on Goodladies Road. She has a new baby daughter and she’s looking after a wayward schoolboy. Then three suspects say that they were in bed with her favourite policeman on the night of the murder and Timbers can only see one way forward. She goes to Church and sets a date for the wedding.

Praise for previous Timberdick Mysteries;

“A marvellous creation. Noble reels off a first rate story. Vastly entertaining” – Nottingham Post

“It leaves you begging for the next in the series.” Montgomeryshire Advertiser

“Noble has a fine knack of description, creating a sense of place and atmosphere. Try them.” Portsmouth Post

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The Case of the Dirty Verger

"This is parochial policing at its best" says the Shropshire Star.
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Malcolm Noble

As a young man Malcolm Noble served in the Portsmouth police, a chapter in his life that provides some background to his crime fiction. He has written fourteen mystery novels set in the south of England from the 1920s to the 1960s. He has presented his own weekly book programme on local radio and has had two plays produced on fm radio. Press reviews have emphasised his sense of place and atmosphere, his strong characterisation and first rate storytelling.

Malcolm Noble now lives in Market Harborough where he and his wife run a second-hand bookshop.
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