Troubador The Loxley Trust

Released: 28/06/2015

eISBN: 9781784626006

Format: eBook

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The Loxley Trust

A modern-day Robin Hood


If he were still alive today, Robin Hood would be viewed as a threat to the government – a non-violent terrorist. The historical Robin acted within the context of Norman/Saxon Britain; the Robin in this book operates internationally and sees himself as acting for global justice, fairness, and against all governments, companies and individuals who prosper from violent conflict and who violate international agreements on human rights. 

The Loxley Trust describes the background and actions of a UN commander who is sent to Africa to protect a village, where he is attacked by a well-armed rabble of child soldiers, high on drugs, leaving no opportunity for negotiation. Robin aims to change the world, one by one, but it won’t be quick or easy. The Loxley Trust is a political thriller that will foster debate on how we can create a one-world society based upon co-operation between all nations and communities. It identifies the forces that work to halt the creation of a harmonious society and looks at how we can fight against those forces before conflict escalates into violence. 

This book sheds light on some of the most pressing issues of 21st century – the arms trade, the systemic corruption of the government and the banks and financial institutions that facilitate and profit from each and every transaction. The Loxley Trust is a fascinating read for anyone interested in moving towards ‘one world’ and celebrating diversity, equality, co-operation and love.

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