Troubador The Kowloon Racing Club

Released: 15/03/2022

eISBN: 9781803138961

Format: eBook

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The Kowloon Racing Club


Hong Kong, 1992. Successful young English expat Charley Thornhill is bored by his predictable lifestyle. In search of adventure, he dreams up a game: The Kowloon Racing Club.

The rules are simple. On receipt of the signal, drop whatever you are doing and race to be the first to find a hidden target in one of the city’s many iconic and atmospheric locations.

But witnessing a disturbing incident during a race sets off a chain of events that turns Charley’s life upside down. As things spiral rapidly out of control, he finds himself caught up between the triads and MI6 in a world where he has no idea who he can trust or which side to pick.

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