Troubador The Identity of Blood Money

Released: 23/01/2012

ISBN: 9781780880280

Format: Paperback

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The Identity of Blood Money


When the country’s most famous journalist finds himself under merciless attacks, he asks no questions about why he is being targeted – until the unthinkable happens. Is there any connection to the mysterious deaths of his billionaire sister and her husband? Meanwhile, the director of a billion-dollar business called Mulipati Akhate International delivers a pastor who embezzles funds – at a price.

A gripping?work of fiction that will appeal to fans of crime fiction, The Identity of?Blood Money will grab readers from the start until its gripping end. Author Mzondi has been inspired by Robert Ludlum, author of The Bourne Identity, and the works of?Sydney Sheldon.

This book does not only appeal to the lovers of crime fiction, it also reveals the masterpiece and ability of a talented individual to tell a fictitious story that leaves every reader in suspense. The novel is well written with plot twists and cliff hangers, every reader will find it necessary to turn pages hungrily to find out what is next and it just becomes hard to put it down. The Identity of Blood Money is a master piece novel and belongs to a class of its own amongst the world's greatest crime fiction thrillers.

As this novel will be the first of it's kind of a setting based in African small country called Malawi, book lovers will read , enjoy the thrilling moment and realise that there is the other side of Africa that is well entertaining and worthy reading. The settings of Lilongwe,Blantyre, Johannesburg, Newyork and the largest man-made Chikangawa Forest engage the reader in a dramatic narrative of corruption, glamour, intrigue and gripping suspence .

The Bookseller Buyer's Guide, Spring 2012

Best Crime Fiction Novel
The book is well written with drama, intrigue and suspense , probably it's is one of the best fiction novels that I would reccommend someone to buy. A Crime Fiction Thriller !!!!

by Akhona Zulu

Mzondi Lungu

Mzondi comes from a background of journalism and also writes poetry and short stories. Mzondi lives in England and is currently working on his second novel . Mzondi is a trained social worker and he has keen interests in using his crime fiction writing skills to promote human rights of people in society.

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