Troubador The Hydrax Gamble

Released: 09/04/2018

eISBN: 9781789010978

Format: eBook

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The Hydrax Gamble


Some may worry that a Hydrax Gamble could happen; some that is already has.

When maverick investigator Arnie Krench teams up with Jessica Hahn, a reporter for the Seattle Chronicle, to discover the truth behind a mysterious plane crash, the trail leads to Europe and a sinister research lab run by the German and Japanese governments.

Returning to America and discovering the U.S. is now covertly involved, they enter a race - not just to publish their findings, but to defend themselves against powerful forces that are out to protect the terrifying secret of the Hydrax Gamble.

i really enjoy reading this book.It is well written and keeps you interested all through the book

by Lavinia Olive

I enjoyed this book it’s fast moving a real page turner, great story line, great dialogue.

by Petula Coles

I’d love to see more books by this author, featuring the characters from this book. Took a bit of concentration at times, but well worth paying attention as it’s a good mystery. The characters are not always likeable but they are compelling and real. I liked the clarity of prose, too. Highly recommended and hope to see more.

by NetGalley review

From the very beginning this novel is a ticking time bomb. If you only read one thriller this year be sure to make it this one.
Combining the excitement of a Dan Brown novel, the clever twists and turns of a Robert Ludlum thriller, and the style and panache of a Joseph Kanon plot, the author has created a literary blockbuster with his own unique style.
Richard Martin takes one on an unimaginable journey.

by NetGalley review

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