Troubador The Hwanung Solution

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039307

Format: Paperback

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The Hwanung Solution


A gripping action-packed story for fans of Ian Fleming, John Le Carré and Clive Cussler. Topical global issues are addressed through a complex weave of fiction and un-nerving facts. From the author of two recent adventure books featuring the same main characters: The Final Shah Mat and The Acionna Projects. Traditional ways of life in the Arctic are being forced to end. Ancient viruses are being released as the ice melts. A family that hid from civilisation for decades has been found. New sea routes are being opened. The climate is changing.

The Hwanung Solution is a story of political intrigue, greed, and military might, interspersed with a love story. It follows two British scientists who are sent to Siberia to assess how mysterious holes are appearing there. Is Russia about to take strategic advantage of the melting ice seas of the Arctic? And how does all this link to a mansion on the far north coast of Scotland??

This gripping Bond-like adventure novel with a serious message will appeal to fans of adventure, thriller and espionage fiction.

The Hwanung Solution - being published by Matador Publishing October 2017.

The Acionna Projects published by Austin Macauley 2016.

The Final Shah Mat self published via Amazon in 2014


Brilliant. Another captivating read. Fact-based fiction at its best. Not sure if Middleton is writing history before it happens but a great read in any event. Roll-on book 4.

by Richard

I thoroughly enjoyed David's first two books and was therefore keen to read 'The Hwanung Solution'. It did not disappoint. The mix of fact and emminently believable fiction makes it a fascinating read.
Although primarily based in Siberia, David not surprisingly manages to work into a 'cameo' role the area in the north of Scotland which he knows and loves. As I too have some knowledge of that same area, that was an added bonus.
David's 30-year frustration at how slowly governments move on this whole subject of man destroying the delicate balance of nature on our own planet, has led him to try and get his message across to a wider audience via the stories. I await book 4 with great interest and I am sure that he already has some rough ideas for a book 5.

by Mike

I am not a regular novel reader but I found it hard to put the book down. The mix between an absorbing adventure and an underlying message of saving our planet was dealt with in a most professional way.
His descriptions of characters and situations painted, for me, vivid pictures in my imagination.
Every chapter held my concentration and I look forward to the next book.
Amazing and most enjoyable.

by Alan

David Middleton skillfully weaves a fictitious plot onto a factual tapestry. It is not until you get to the end of the book and read the Appendix that you realise (alarmingly)how much of the book is factual.
Meanwhile you are taken from a remote part of Scotland to an even remoter part of Siberia via other worldwide locations at a breathtaking pace.
Don't start reading this book if you only have ten minutes to spare, you won't want to put it down.

by Kevin

This is the third of David Middleton’s environmentally-themed, Bond-style, fast-paced adventure books. Combining, as it does, the crisis of global warming, an evil megalomaniac, a shadowy security organisation, the power of social media, a reluctant hero, and a sexy but naive maid, what could possibly go right?

You will have to read the book to find out. When you do you will be taken on a roller-coaster ride from the north of Scotland to South Korea, via Wales (but not as you know it) London, and the remotest part of Siberia. The reluctant hero is Gene Bond, who wants to save the world from itself, but reality, in the form of his friend Georgi, politics, and big business, keeps getting in his way.

The roller-coaster finds a few interesting byways on its travels, amongst which are parts of what is now the North Coast 500 route in Scotland, disputed, strategically placed islands in other parts of the world, and abandoned nuclear facilities.

This book, together with the two earlier stories (The Final Shah Mat and The Acionna Projects) is a wholly original attempt to focus on the world’s major environmental problems through the medium of the action novel. The interweaving of fact and fiction is seamlessly executed, so much so that the author thoughtfully provides a checklist of what is fact and what is fiction, together with a list of useful sources of further information. That’s one up on Dan Brown.

Buy it, read it, gift it, you and your friends will not be disappointed.

by Peter Shirley, MBE, former national president of the Urban Wildlife Trust

Congratulations!! The incredible mining and weaving of strategic global information and it’s transcendence with our fragile planet, is not only mind boggling, but genius. This book would make a brilliant film. Explosive stuff! Another winner.

by David Cole

I have read the 'Hwanung Solution' now and, like your earlier books, it is incident-packed and a rip-roaring read. Thank you so much for such great entertainment as well as education! I am sure you have hit on a good formula for raising awareness of the compelling necessity for global action on climate change in a citizen-friendly format

by David Kidney, Chief Executive, UKPHR

Well – ya done it again David – very absorbing and intriguing in equal measure. Great descriptive scenes/places etc – sure I’ve been to all of them so far!!

What am I going to do when it’s finished ….!!?

Excellent read - the follow-ons from books 1&2 are very clever, yet the story-lines stand totally alone in their own merit zone.
Again - it contains some extremely sobering facts about our world here and now in the 21st C.

by Fizz (Forbes-McGlen)

A very enjoyable read - political intrigue exciting adventure an unlikely
love story and an ending leaving you ready for more.

by Anne Dutton

"I Came Away From This Read With Fire In My Belly.”

“Being a young woman who gets easily sucked into social media and over-the-top magazine headlines, the Hwanung Solution is admittedly not my usual read and I am undoubtedly behind on latest politics."

However The Hwanung Solution like any other enchantment whisked me away to a fictional land of make believe characters and scenarios – but something made me feel I had been dropped into something very real!

“Buckles You In Tight For Its Racing Pace”

With gripping emotions between the main characters and their past relationships, to gory details of another character’s unexpected end, this fascinating read buckles you in tight for its racing pace. The fast twists and turns give great contrast with the delicate writing of the author David Middleton who brings every character to their own special appearance and meaning. I advise any young adult to explore this for the nature of the book.

Having fun in mixing fact and fiction, this story keeps me as the reader on my toes. As I go on through the book I actually feel wiser. Why? Because I find myself contemplating throughout the book not just about the atrocities within this fiction but about the atrocities of real life.

I have come away from this read with fire in my belly for a subject all around us that as human beings we have been so blind to. It’s now time to open our minds as this book has easily enlightened me with creating a world to get lost into and an image in my mind I do not want us to be left with.”

by Hollie Wainwright

David  Middleton

David Middleton

Becoming 70 was a shock. Mentally still stuck in the late 40’s or even early 50’s, to reach 70 took me by surprise. But wear and tear of bodily mechanics encouraged me to “retire” since when I have “only” been involved with novel writing, jointly leading an annual conference and exhibition, and trying to develop a low carbon community project.

In 2014, after nearly 20 years, we closed down our business. Environmental Business Communications. (EBC) had, apart from anything else, managed business networks linked to the values of sustainable development. The Urban Renewal Foundation (TURF, for which I was Secretary General) promoted on-site land clean up. The Midlands Environmental Business Club (MEBC) I helped form in 1999 and became its CEO. For the final 13 years we also managed the UK branch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD-UK) of which I was its CEO.

DMC – David Middleton Communications, preceded EBC. Amongst other things I helped create a programme that we ran in 33 countries around the world for two years, “banging the drum for Brum” –promoting the City of Birmingham. Involving British Ambassadors and the like, “Birmingham Invites You” was staged in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Washington, New York, Chicago and many other cities including all over mainland Europe. Central to it was a major audio visual show which used 1,300 35mm slides in 13 minutes, projected onto a 60 feet wide screen. It took a tonne and a half of equipment to present it and involved a team of amazing technicians.

PKH – Pender Kenning and Holt, was a conference production and staging company and audio visual production company I helped form with production director John Watson and technical director Ian Ewan. Amongst other things we staged the Birmingham bid to the IOC in Switzerland.

HCPR – Harrison Cowley Public Relations was then part of the Saatchi and Saatchi Group. Based in its Birmingham office, I became an Associate Director and was involved in a number of accounts including Renault UK.

ITF – Industrial and Trade Fairs was then the largest independent exhibition organising company in the world. It moved from London to Birmingham to co-incide with the launch of the National Exhibition Centre in which I was much involved in its pre-launch promotion. I was PR Manager for ITF and involved in major exhibitions in Earls Court, Olympia and the NEC.

MSPS – Motor Sports Press Service I launched and ran for a number of years. It combined my love of motor sport with that of writing and photography and tried to create a commercial opportunity out of these passions. During that period I wrote for Autosport, Motoring News, several national newspapers, the Birmingham Post, Radio BRMB and others. I was PR for Shelseley Walsh Hill Climb. For two years we ran a monthly tabloid newspaper called Midland Motorscope before selling it to a Wolverhampton business that collapsed before we got our money! With ex racer John Rhodes we helped launch Dealer Opel Team into the UK.

WMP – West Midlands Press where I cut my journalistic teeth on the broadsheet, hot metal press weekly newspaper, the Walsall Observer. I did a spell on the Birmingham Mail and frequently provided reports and photographs of motorsport events to the Birmingham Post which eventually gave rise to the launch of MSPS.

Two children - Anthony and Caroline and grandchildren April, Katie, Libby and Freddie.

Married longsuffering but amazingly supportive wife Jen in 1967.

Born and educated in Birmingham

David Middlerton - writer
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