Troubador The Ghost Train

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781800464766

Format: Paperback

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The Ghost Train


Dare you ride The Ghost Train? Spoiler alert: we are already onboard. After a lifelong search for the Truth, the author David Rankin begged for his suffering to end. Weary of trying to fit into society, and exhausted by the insanity of the human story the Truth was given: you are not a body doomed to perish, you are eternally alive in Spirit. The Ghost Train is dedicated to that Truth. This then is the story of Every-man, it is told to help remind you of who and what you are in Truth. The story was not written to tell you who I am, it was written to remind you of who you are. And who you are, is nothing like who you imagine yourself to be.

Now is the time to end this horrific cyclic journey: a story of death which ends in the demise of the body. Now is the time to redeem the awesome power of your mind.

Come join with me on a journey without distance… apart from a little willingness on your part… in that you need to read the symbols on the pages… and together bring an end to this preposterous, delusional nightmare commonly referred to as our reality. If the experience you call life is a joyous, loving and fulfilling one… then this book is not for you… only I have never met you. However if you recognise that we are in purgatory, and would like to be set free, then rest and be assured; this story is what you are asking for.

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