Troubador The Galician Parallax

Released: 28/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894787

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The Galician Parallax


The Galician Parallax is a gripping thriller, partly based on fact, which is a heart-stopping story about drug cartels and terrorism, reaching its scintillating climax just before the London bombings of 2005. On the 11th of March, 2004 a bomb attack blowing up 3 separate commuter trains took place during the rush hour in Madrid. Nearly two hundred people were killed and just under two thousand injured. A Madrid jihadist cell had spent 2 years planing the attack. Al Qaeda’s next stop was the United Kingdom. A British yachtsman in the city of Vigo commits suicide. Sergio Garcia, a young lieutenant of the Civil Guards pursuing the drug cartel, suspects foul play. As he delves deeper through his own personal investigation, unbeknown to his superiors, he uncovers a link with the terrorist group Al Qaeda. But he cannot prove it; nor can he find evidence within his own channels without involving a British counterpart. So he approaches Stan Bullock, the Honorary British Consul, for help. Stan agrees and begins to use the diplomatic grapevine against all consular and Foreign Office rules. Although the investigation leads to one of the main cocaine cartels in the United Kingdom, it is the terrorists that eventually threaten the Sergio and Stan’s lives...

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James Skinner

My name is James; James Skinner! I was born in Buenos Aires and am of Scottish and Welsh descent. A retired telecoms executive and ex-Honorary British Consul in Spain, am married to a Galician and have lived and worked in numerous countries around the world mostly Latin America, Europe as well as the United States and Iran having dealt with all kinds of human beings, On retirement I pursued a new carrier. I decided to become a writer and began by going back to university to study professional writing at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall. After completing my studies have become a regular international writer. Great! Check out over five hundred essays in or Yes! I also write in Spanish.

James Bond Skinner

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