Troubador The Fire Man

Released: 28/03/2015

eISBN: 9781784628659

Format: eBook

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The Fire Man


Drew McRae destroys his career when he uncovers a multi-million pound fraud. But it’s not just his job that’s at risk… now his life is on the line. After fortuitously receiving his first big break, a multi-million pound fire claim investigation for a major international insurer, Drew McRae, an ordinary and determined claims adjuster, discovers that things are not as they seem. In an effort to prove the fraud he stumbles upon, he becomes aware that forces are at work to impede his efforts. He doesn’t realise it, but the game has only just begun… McRae, obsessively trying to achieve a breakthrough, rattles the cage too much and takes an unprofessional chance that backfires. With his world collapsing around him, he loses his job and moves to London to rebuild his career. Years later, by chance, McRae once again encounters the sophisticated, ruthless fraudster and his associates, this time with potentially lethal consequences. With the possibility for either redemption or total destruction dangling in front of him, which path will he choose? Based on true experience, Iain Adams takes readers behind the scenes in an industry where illegitimate billions are made annually, across the globe. The Fire Man is an authentic contemporary crime novel set primarily in London, the Midlands, Dublin and Greece. Fans of crime thrillers will be plunged into a world of major criminal fraud, a complex arena that the police prefer to ignore and that only insiders can truly understand.

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