Troubador The Financial Terrorist

Released: 03/07/2010

eISBN: 9781780889320

Format: eBook

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The Financial Terrorist


Financial terrorism is now the name of the game. And Charles and Jacqui Rossi are no novices. They use their ownership of the highly regarded International Bank of Europe to launch a series of incredible attacks on markets all over the world. They use banks to channel fraudulent products to the unsuspecting wider public. They use insider dealing to falsify share prices. They use markets to build up huge and speculative positions, spreading false rumours to achieve their ends. And they use murder to eliminate anyone who comes between them and their ambition to be the most powerful people in their world. But they have fierce opposition, primarily in the form of Jacqui’s father, a Mafia don. He is at home in the world of “old crime” – drugs, prostitution and protection rackets. He wants to continue heading the leading Mafia family in America, but, for that, he needs the help of Charles and Jacqui. And, when he can’t get it, their two worlds clash – financial crime against a Mafia which will stop at nothing to achieve its objectives and will destroy anyone who opposes its plans. But it is up against unlimited money and that can be as ruthless a weapon as anything the Mafia have in their arsenal. Even the most trusted government officials are seduced by the wealth on offer. Regulators are powerless and the law is irrelevant as the bankers have the best, and the most unscrupulous, lawyers on their side. Much of the fiction in John Gubert’s first novel, One Step To Danger, became a reality. It is just a matter of time before the same happens to The Financial Terrorist.

"One Step To Danger" is a work of fiction, which, with hindsight, could have been fact. Speculation and worse by the criminals in suits leads to major meltdowns in world markets and more. The sequel, "The Financial Terrorist" shows the ease with which corrupt bankers can manipulate world markets. And the terrorist banker does not stop at that, as in a fast moving and thrilling story, he plays on the greed, corruption and gullibility of many of his fellow financiers.

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John Gubert

A language degree led to the world of finance. A career in international banking culminated in the author running a global business for one of the world’s largest banks. This took him to many of cities depicted in his books - London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and others.

The books in his planned trilogy were written during some of his estimated 40 air trips around the world since the start of the new millennium.

Based in Wimbledon, London, John is now a freelance consultant and author. He is married to a British journalist and they have a student son.

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