Troubador The Final Straw

Released: 28/04/2020

ISBN: 9781838592974

eISBN: 9781838597474

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Final Straw


It is 2001 and Detective Inspector Charlie Moon is back with a new case!

A prisoner found hanging in his cell after serving over twenty years of a life sentence draws Moon into the investigation of a murder which took place in the 1970s – a student named Sharon Baxter who was stabbed to death and her body dumped at the side of a canal.  At first nothing seems to make sense and the plot thickens with the discovery that all the files on the case have mysteriously gone missing leading Moon to suspect a police cover-up and implications going far beyond a simple miscarriage of justice.

Assisted once again by his journalist friend, Jo Lyon, Moon sets about following a trail of clues which soon reveal the chilling truth about how an innocent man came to be convicted of a crime he did not commit.  Dark secrets from the past are uncovered as Moon and Jo  piece together what turns out to be a harrowing tale of corruption and depravity stretching back many years.  It is not long, however, before Moon is drawn into conflict with his bosses and he is forced to choose between yielding to their wishes to drop the case or putting his career on the line.  Moon realises time is not on his side but will he discover who killed Sharon and why before it is too late?  There is, however, one final twist to the story – a twist nobody expects not even Charlie Moon!

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That was some ride!

An inspector detective is called upon by a prison inmate to investigate an age old murder after the prisoner convicted of the crime is found hanging in his cell. The inmate claims the prisoner was innocent. Not an easy task to investigate a 23+ year old murder because all of the case files and physical evidence files are missing and/or destroyed (think coverup and conspiracy.)

What now? Well, you'll find out as you follow the inspector detective in gathering witness information and background information on the friends and families of the living and deceased.

An interesting narrative. A refreshing take on the "whodunnit theme."

Four stars -- I really liked it.

by Claire

Third outing for DI Charlie Moon who is brought in to investigate the suicide of a prisoner who had been convicted of murdering a young student in the 1970’s.
As he investigates he becomes convinced that there has been a miscarriage of justice.
There are undercurrents of police corruption and secrets that stretch from the past to the present.
Charlie investigates with his team and friend Jo, a journalist. His determination and fight for justice brings him into conflict with some of his police superiors.
Charlie reviews and investigates the victim and the accused with vigour and despite missing police files and blocks along the way he keeps on until the unexpected ending.
Believable, engaging characters draw the reader into the story.
Looking forward to the next DI Charlie Moon thriller.
4+ Stars.

by Sharon Wallace

An unusual plot in that the person justice was being sought for was dead. It’s an easy read with plenty going on. Probably not my usual or favourite kind of book but an enjoyable one.

by Collette

Though this case is revisited after the death of the accused, I was happy to see that Moon was able to investigate and bring the correct person to justice even 30 years later. This was a quick read, but honestly was action packed and for this story I enjoyed the length of the book!

by Heidi

D I Charlie Moon returns for his third outing. This time he investigates a twenty plus year old murder after a prisoner commits suicide. He was found guilty of murdering a student in the seventies.
From early on in the book the reader gets the feeling there is an undercurrent of police incompetence or corruption.
Charlie goes all in investigating if this was a miscarriage of justice with his team and Jo , his friend and also a journalist..
Charlie is not someone to be palmed off or diverted from finding out the truth as he is convinced that an innocent man was wrongly convicted.
A very well written and enjoyable thriller with plenty of surprises, hidden depths and a great ending.
Looking forward to the next Charlie Moon book as this series improves in subsequent books.

by Sharon

This is the third in the DI Charlie Moon series and it's another enjoyable read.

A man who was imprisoned for 20 years hanged himself and Moon is drawn into the case believing the man was innocent. Together with his team and his friend Jo, a self-employed journalist, they delve into the cold case of the young girl the prisoner was accused of knifing to death. There's also a particularly nasty character featured... I really like Moon and the mystery is a good one with quite a surprising ending. Hopefully a fourth book is not too far away because I enjoy this series.

by Hannelore

I Enjoyed everything about this book there was nothing I didn't like about the book. I Would recommend this book to anyone. I would gladly reread it again.

by Nicole

Lovely imagery in this one. A taut detective novel with a lot of surprises. Overall an enjoyable read!

by Melissa

This was a fast paced, action packed book that keeps you interested from the start. It's a quick read that's a bit like a rollercoaster. The story and charterers are very well written and I really enjoyed reading this book.

by Danielle

Hilton Catt and Patricia Scudamore writing as Jenny Francis

Careers authors Patricia Scudamore and Hilton Catt are the writing team behind the novels by Jenny Francis.

Patricia Scudamore

Hilton Catt
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