Troubador The Ferret Files

Released: 01/12/2016

eISBN: 9781785896637

Format: eBook

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The Ferret Files


Introducing Ferret: London’s premier Detecting Consultant. Set in contemporary London, the Ferret Files is the tale of a rugby playing Mergers and Acquisitions consultant, under investigation for insider trading, who turns detective in a bid to track down a set of missing files. Giving up the high life isn’t as easy as he’d hoped; despite his reservations, he’s easily pressured by his secret society pals to return to the City, defying the impending criminal charges. Using his psychic gift, Ferret doggedly pursues the files across the capital. He soon discovers he’s not the only one with an interest in finding them. Characters from his dead father’s past catch up with him, including the ebullient Sir Edward, a founding member of Projekt XIII, who has powers more incredible than his own. Pursued by the Old Boys of the establishment, his superiors and a mysterious girl in black, a government conspiracy unravels around him. Will Ferret win the day?

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