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Released: 03/02/2014

eISBN: 9781783067305

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The Exchange

A Story of Deceit


The Exchange is a gripping story of robbery, murder and deceit.
Playboys, thieves, corrupt policemen, ex-mercenaries and manipulative women
have become tangled in a web of lies, but who will survive..?

Roy Kelly is a petty, small-time thief who has spent years robbing unoccupied houses, until one day when he is caught by Katherine Boyd, a beguiling woman who does not call the police. Instead, she uses her powers of seduction to manipulate him into a plot that involves the murder of her abusive husband. Little do they know that the gun Kelly fires was previously used to kill a politician, and that Oliver Statham, the man who supplied it, has fled to Africa.

Playboy Jeremy Pendleton is waiting for his luxury cruiser to be delivered when thieves murder the guards and steal it. Mike Randle and Suzie Drake, the owners of the boatyard, must use their ex-mercenary skills to recapture the yacht, but when they discover it has been damaged, Suzie is forced to use Pendleton’s desire for her in order for Mike to return it in time for his important yacht-naming party.

The characters collide when Statham is captured by a corrupt African military group, and a hostage situation quickly turns into a game of deceit. But who has a dangerous secret? And what lengths will they go to in order to get their hands on the $250,000 ransom?

A fast-paced page-turner from Anthony J Broughton, The Exchange will keep fans of the thriller genre on their toes with each twist and turn.

My first novel ‘Time To Act’ was a paperback published in September 2000, and I had a wonderful launch party which was attended by thirty-three friends. Champagne was drunk and it was an enjoyable start to my pastime of having my thriller writing published. This first novel took me thirty months to write, mainly in my lunchtime at work, and a further two years past before I was able to see it in print, published by Minerva Press. Articles in four local newspapers followed and I hosted a book signing at James Thin Booksellers in Worthing, Sussex. Four months later I took part in a twenty minute live broadcast on BBC Southern Counties Radio in January 2001, and was interview by Bill Buckley on his programme ‘Tea At Three’ about my first novel. Since then I have continued to write, and ‘The Exchange’ is my fifth thriller novel to be published. It is a tale with twists and turns that takes the reader on a journey from England to Gibraltar to Cannes and to Africa. The main characters are a square jawed muscular Mike Randle and his sexy partner the attractive Suzie Drake. They were mercenaries who were introduced to the reader in my first novel. Since then they have ended their soldiering days, but still manage to become entangled in action adventures through three more novels and now find themselves called into action again in ‘The Exchange’. Robbery, murder, deceit and the passionate advances by a millionaire for Suzie Drake’s affections all surface in this action thriller.

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Anthony J Broughton

I am the eldest of three boys and was born in Surrey in 1944 where I lived and went to school. A keen photographer, I attended evening classes for advanced photography and was among those whose work was exhibited at Crawley Public Library. I began my career as a draughtsman at a builders engineers, moving on to become a design draughtsman working on Harrier Jump Jet Armaments, the Nimrod ‘spy in the sky’ for BAE Systems, and the A380 and A400M aircrafts for Airbus UK. I enjoy comedy and am an ardent Goon Show fan. As a one time archivist for The Goon Show Preservation Society, I met both Michael Bentine and Spike Milligan, and was delighted to be invited to Spike’s home as a dinner guest. Time To Act was my first published thriller novel in 2000 followed since by four more thrillers. Married, with two grown-up children, my wife Linda is a chiropodist and we live in a small village in the Sussex countryside.

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