Troubador The Ears of a Cat

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591441

eISBN: 9781838596842

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Ears of a Cat


To the well-meaning people of Future World the problem is obvious: too many people. However, so is the solution: eliminate as many of their fellow human beings as they can - though for Catherine Cooper, Cindy Horváth and Gina Saito, this is easier said than done... at least until they get their hands on a bird flu virus made lethal in the lab. 

But as they work out how to use it to the most devastating effect, the German security service gets wind of their intention, as does an unscrupulous freelance agent from the United States. Following a succession of bizarre events, including a conversation with a cat, a fractured penis and the testimony of a Japanese sex doll, only the last woman standing, fish-whisperer Gina Saito, can hope to bring it off. However, the only way she can do this will involve her own death on foreign soil...

Set in Berlin, Los Angeles, England and Japan, the unfolding events show that having a plan isn’t enough: good intentions can lead to ludicrous results and, ultimately, death.

Should you wander into Blackwell's, Edinburgh, you will find two of my novels: Time to Talk, and A Serious Business.

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IThis book I find very well written, since the first page you can dive deep into the storyline. I also liked the cover very well. It is nice designed in the color and in the design itself. The writing style is very good and very pleasant and fluently to read. The book has been very clearly structured and the plot is traceable and very interesting. The characters look very authentic and traceable to me. The author succeeds in writing very detailing about the scenery, characters, surroundings and emotions. This story is fascinating, full of humor and consistent and at the same time.

by Elena

Roderick Hart

I have published poetry in anthologies of verse, made bubble gum in Philadelphia, studied folk music in Afghanistan, and worked for many years in a recording studio, training students in scripting, recording and editing. I live with my wife in the grounds of an old convent in Edinburgh.

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