Troubador The Dead City Rollers

Released: 28/10/2014

eISBN: 9781784626822

Format: eBook

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The Dead City Rollers


Alistair didn’t know it yet,
but in six days time he’d be putting both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth
and putting his thumb on the trigger…

Burdened down with a bag of pot and a lot of guilt over the person he killed, Alistair needs to escape. He wants out from the turf war brewing in Swansea between a bunch of criminals. He wants out from the acid-munching cops on the verge of madness and from his idiot friends who spend their time talking about the meaning of life and interspecies wrestling.

Plus, there’s a girl involved…

Getting out isn’t going to be that easy though. Whether negotiating his notice with inept mobsters, dodging delusional vigilantes or avoiding that 'thing' in the shadows, escaping is going to be seriously tough.

The Dead City Rollers is comedy crime thriller, full of flawed characters. It is alive with comic touches, cliff hangers and a real sense of place.

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