Troubador The Dark Truth

Released: 28/01/2015

eISBN: 9781784628093

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The Dark Truth

A Crystal Legacy


The?Dark Truth is the follow-up to?Untold?Truth (Matador, 2012)?and the second book in a trilogy. 

Jane and Mark travel to a friend’s mine in Africa. They realise that the problem with the crystals stems from Mark's past – a past he has been running away from. With the help of a bushman elder, they are led to search ancient paintings and myths for clues to the crystals’ salvation. What they discover makes Mark draw on the skills he had vowed to never use again, and Jane has to come to terms with the consequences of her actions. 

The Dark Truth will appeal to fans of both crime and spiritual novels, as well as anyone working in complementary therapy. Author Ellen weaves her novels with threads of spirituality, resulting in books that take readers on an adventure whilst also exposing them to life teachings.

The book launch and signing for Untold Truth went well with the support of our local Waterstones book store.

I had 30 books pre-ordered and more orders followed. I'm really pleased by the response and want to thank all the people who have supported me.

My second book, The Dark Truth - A Crystal Legacy came out on 28th January 2015 and has proved popular.

The third book of this trilogy, The Ultimate Truth - The Power of One is at the start of book production and will be available in 2017.

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Ellen Hardwick

Ellen was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Jersey, where the book is based. She was inspired to write her first spiritual fictional mystery, Untold Truth, after finding the truth behind a belief that had ruled her life for years. She wanted others to know how liberating finding the truth can be to you life, and if this could be done through the enjoyment of reading fiction all the better.

Ellen has studied and is experienced in various complementary energy therapies. She practices and is a teacher of Reiki, a stress reduction/relaxation technique that aids healing; and Crystal Therapy, a energy technique using crystal vibrations. In addition she practices shamanism and is qualified in the energy medicine of the Inca tradition.

Not afraid of challenges, Ellen became a Harley Davidson rider after her husband bought one himself, but she had to first learn how to ride a push bike before taking and passing her motor bike tests. After ten years of riding her Harley she has now swopped it for a motorhome and is looking forward to more freedom and new adventures on the road.

Ellen has been writing since her children were small and has four completed manuscripts covering adventure thriller/mystery, science fiction and techno thriller. Untold Truth is the first of a Trilogy with her second book, The Dark Truth, being about crystals. The third book, The Ultimate Truth, deals with the power of energy; past lives connected to Lemuria and Atlantis and concludes the story.

She hopes you will enjoy her books.

Ellen Hardwick

Book signing at Waterstones, Jersey
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