Troubador The Chindit Analogy Book One

Released: 28/10/2021

eISBN: 9781803138183

Format: eBook

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The Chindit Analogy Book One

Blood on the Ground




Just as Kenya is finally gaining its independence from Great Britain, a brutal Islamic fundamentalist insurgency kicks off which throws the country into bloody chaos and threatens to spread throughout the region.

Staff Sergeant Bill Scraggs is recruited to join a Global Wireless Special Forces Unit to go deep under cover behind the enemy lines, for a covert reconnaissance and surveillance mission to combat the explosive insurgency.

As Bill and fellow Staff Sergeant Josh Baines get their men into shape training on mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro, the deadly insurgency rises once more. Bill and Josh have to pit their wits against the Shifta-Islamic Fundamentalists led by the infamous warlord Khalid al Gurreh, as it becomes a race against time to hunt the insurgents down and stop fundamentalism from tearing the country apart. Subsequently, Bill Scraggs and his team is assigned to Borneo.

With two sergeants accompanying him, Bill and his team left for the Far East and attended the Gurkha school for jungle warfare training. This was initially undertaken by them with the Gurkha’s in Malaya whilst transiting through Singapore. On completion, Bill and his team then travelled onto Borneo, implementing covert reconnaissance assignments to discover and locate the whereabouts of Indonesian Troops, who were attempting to undermine and subvert a union of The Federation of Malaysia.

The Chindit Analogy Book One is written by E J Caldwell who is a retired UK army veteran and has seen service in several worldwide active theatres. As a specialist in signals, he was seconded to the Foreign Office Special Forces section and attached for a period of this time. Given the nature of his work and the content of his writing E J has to write under a Pseudonym.

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