Troubador The Child Predators

Released: 18/08/2015

eISBN: 9781784626457

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The Child Predators


After serving fourteen years of a twenty-five year sentence for child abuse and murder, Mark is released from prison on license. Under the terms of his release, Mark must report to the police every week, and is under police surveillance.

For six months Mark gives no cause for concern – that is until he disappears. The police issue an immediate warrant for his arrest, but when other events become more pressing for the force and Mark still can’t be found, the case fades into the background.

Officers begin to worry that Mark has gone back to his old ways of child abuse and murder, and a senior police officer in Leeds suspects he is operating on his patch with other members of a paedophile ring. The case needs a detective of remarkable skill to catch Mark, and the senior police officer thinks he has found him.

The hunt is on, but will they catch Mark before he abducts and kills a child?

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"The Moon Worshippers" is, by any standard, a cracking read. If you like a well-spun yarn full of excitement and mystery, you'll enjoy reading this. The characters are well-drawn, and enlist your sympathy or your hatred as the tale unfolds. The scenes and settings are immediately clear to your mind's eye. What I particularly enjoyed was the manner in which the author wove his story, his characters and their faiths and conflicts into an utterly convincing historical background. I knew next to nothing of the history of this period, or of the geographical areas which feature - but I soon was enabled to rattle on with the story. There is no dry dustiness here, but factual detail on a sweeping scale from domestic to continental is winningly conveyed. As a child I used to devour the novels of Rosemary Sutcliffe. I've recently revisited two or three of them, and wasn't disappointed. They were as exciting and involving as I recalled. "The Moon Worshippers" can hold its own in such exalted company, and will stand the comparison.
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read, 4

Oct 2012
Jude of Mirfield - See all my reviews
This review is for: The Moon Worshippers (Paperback)
What a brilliant read along the lines of Tolkien but with an amazing amount of accurate historical and geographical detail. It really gets into the passion and nature of the Basque people and their country. Such an amazing atmosphere is evoked and draws you to share in a wide range of emotions for the central characters both two legged and four!! It leaves you wanting more and very hopeful that the author will oblige. It would make an excellent film.

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