Troubador The Case of the Naughty Wife

Malcolm Noble Show

Released: 01/11/2010

ISBN: 9781848764736

Format: Paperback

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The Case of the Naughty Wife


The Timberdick Mysteries are a series of murder stories set in the sleazy back-streets of a south coast seaport in post-war Britain. The amateur detective is a call-girl who solves the mysteries by listening carefully to what people say. “I got there by thinking, not by fingerprints,” she tells her policeman friend in the first novel.

The Case of the Naughty Wife is the latest Timberdick mystery, eagerly awaited by readers

Can Glenn Miller’s lost trombone be the key to Timberdick’s latest murder mystery? When the Hoboken Arms burns down, the butchered body of a wayward husband is found in the yard. The next morning, Timberdick has to cope with a dead Admiral on her front room carpet. The Chief Constable’s wife blames an escaped convict but Timberdick’s not so sure. She knows that her favourite policeman, Glenn Miller’s mysterious trombone and the Chief Constable’s wife were in a country pub in January 1945. Now, in 1966, they’re together again.

Timbers is sure that the trombone will lead to the murderer, but her every step forward is thwarted by thunder and lightning and wives who won’t behave!

The Harborough Mail, 5 April 2012

The Harborough Mail, November 2010

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