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Released: 28/07/2014

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The Bomb Makers


A fugitive bomb maker dies in a police ambush in Marseille…

A global terrorist collective meets in Paris to plan an attack on a European target...

The terror cells have been activated and elite bombers from ETA and the Real IRA are already making their move, intent on using a device that will cause carnage on an unimaginable scale. Their motivation has its origins in a purpose shared decades earlier, leaving them with a legacy of grief and greed.

In London, only two things matter to Detective Chief Inspector Emma Rydan – her daughter and her job. After a joint counter-terrorism arrest with the Guardia Civil ends in chaos, Rydan and her seconded junior officer Detective Sergeant Kent find themselves faced with a rising body count, few clues and a race against the clock. On the other side of the Irish Sea, tension escalates in a high security wing of Her Majesty’s Prison Maghaberry as one of the political prisoners attempts to derail the plot. In desperation he is left with one final, frantic option, and everything to lose.

The net tightens, taking the police enquiry to Cambridge, where lethal menace brings violent confrontation to the colleges and departments of the historic university. Whilst the terrorists make their final preparations, Kent is working the electronic surveillance systems at New Scotland Yard. He has the streets of the capital at his fingertips, but where is the target and when will they strike? And is he even looking in the right country?

As the manhunt hurtles towards its terrifying conclusion, Rydan realises her daughter is closest to the greatest threat. And they’re both out of time.



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Just finished this excellent thriller, which had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Unable to put it down, the twists and turns of the exciting plot made for a fantastic read. Well worth the read!! Thoroughly enjoyed!

by Catherine Wilkinson

This unique contemporary thriller was a fantastic read from start to finish, if you like action, you have got it. Written from both the perspectives of the police and the terrorists, it gives a fantastic viewpoint of all the happenings.

The book is about terrorists, and terrorism, something that really is just too darn real in our world today, the book is a work of fiction, but it may just as well be not, we live in dangerous times. The terror cells have been activated and elite bombers from ETA and the Real IRA are already making their move, intent on using a device that will cause carnage on an unimaginable scale…

The story follows Detective Chief Inspector Emma Rydan as she works to uncover a terrorist plot due to be activated in the UK. The terrorist cell network is complex and they dodge detection at every corner, DCI Emma Rydan is not a quitter however, she is a gutsy, clever, determined woman on a mission, very likeable character.

The novel is action packed, the writing is brilliant, the pace is fast and keeps you wanting more. I enjoyed this book so much yet it's not something I might normally read. As it hurtles towards the final outcome of whether the terrorists will unleash their deadly plan or not I could not stop turning the pages, it had me hooked right in.

A great read, if you like your books packed with action, a strong plot, complex characters and a whole lot of thrills and tension then grab this one.

by Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

The Bomb Makers, by Marcus Case (a pseudonym), is not only a taut, gripping thriller, but an example of a first time indie author doing everything right. The result? It’s not only a great read, but an inspiration for any aspiring author that may be looking for reassurance that a self-published author can put out just as compelling and polished a product as those that are supported by traditional editing and production teams.You’ll form the same conclusion from the first page onwards. Case’s style is lean and to the point, and the action never slacks off from the first page to the last. Case hired a professional editor to assist him, and if his early drafts included any meanders off the action path, they were dispassionately edited out along the way. You won’t be surprised that the cover and interior design are very professionally executed as well.

Of course, skilled design and editing can’t make a ho-hum book great, and that clearly was never a problem here. Case combines life experience with scrupulous research to construct and describe settings and plot elements in a way that advances the story effectively. Much of the story line progresses from the viewpoint of members of a British anti-terror unit, and the portrayals of technology, technique and strategies are immaculate and seamless. Unlike a Tom Clancy that often happily wallows in technical details and jargon for their own sake, the details here serve the story, and not vice versa, adding verisimilitude and providing effective vehicles to reveal and develop the characters as human beings as well as the plot (e.g., as the white hats search for, and fine the black hats on the myriad surveillance cameras that monitor the greater part of urban British life today).

Case also strikes a nice balance between character development and pacing. With the possible exception of Bethany, the daughter of Chief Inspector Emma Rydan, whose presentation as a rebellious Cambridge underclassman becomes a bit stereotypical, the characters are both believable in presentation and consistent in the way they react to unfolding events. You won’t necessarily identify with any of them (most are hard-bitten, hard-driving, and flawed in various ways), or even like many of them, but you will believe in them.

The story line is similarly credible, building on existing terror groups, although if current truces hold, this familiarity will fade as time goes on. Non-European readers may also draw a blank on one of the terrorist groups – the ETA – not only because the Basque separatist movement has been quiescent now for some time, but also because for some reason the author always, except in a single case, refers to the principle terrorist as “the Spaniard” rather than “the Basque.” Unless you recall the ETA acronym, you’ll need to do a little research on n line to figure out whether this is a real or an imagined group.

But that’s a small quibble, and my only one. It’s easy to find genre fiction by famous authors whose plot lines and pacing are weaker than Case’s, particularly in this era of rapid-firing fiction into the marketplace as quickly as possible, leaving pride of craftsmanship behind.

In short, if you an author, or aspiring author, this is a book that can set the bar for your own aspirations. And whether you’re an author or not, it’s a ripping good read that will leave you hoping that Mr. Case (whoever he really is) is already well along with his next offering.

A final note: if you love to read, consider the wealth of inexpensive good work being done by Indie authors, and give one a try. If you do, take a minute to help the author by posting a short review here as well. Why? Because you’ll be helping create a richer, more vibrant, more creative literary ecosystem than we have today.

by Andyu

I bought this book after I had met the author, although it is usually not the type of story I would usually choose. I was certainly not disappointed. In a thrilling narrative, extremists - in this case from ETA and the IRA - work together in a terrorist attack planned to kill a great many people in a very public arena. The security services, at first slow to hone in on them, are then forced to play catch up. Will they get to them in time? No spoilers in this review. Read it for yourself. It's a white knuckle ride from beginning to end.

by Herkiel


by Andrew Deans

Brilliant book well written and with a few good twists. Would recommend it to anyone who likes a fast paced thriller.

by Richard Holborn

The Bomb Makers is an excellent read. The plot's focus on an ETA-IRA link is well researched and provides a refreshing subject matter change for a contemporary terror thriller. Case's multi-perspective narrative style moves effortlessly between characters, adding thrilling excitement to the police's terrorist hunt. Case also strikes an impressive balance between providing illustrative and fast paced descriptions, whilst avoiding using unnecessarily cumbersome text; a real page turner. The book's characters are also dynamic and share complex relationships with plenty of twists and turns.

A fantastic debut that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good thriller!

by Richard

THE BOMB MAKERS by pseudonymous author Marcus Case is a terrorist thriller set in London, with the threat coming from a combination of ETA and the Real IRA. Which is a different combination for this reader.

A big, bold plot, THE BOMB MAKERS combines a bit of good old fashioned British policing with current counter-terrorism methods to track down an unusual and complicated bomb maker, and the bomb planter. DCI Emma Rydan and her junior, DS Kent are paired up when he's seconded to an investigation that's gone pear-shaped. In an interesting take on a very current day scenario, deep cover terrorists are activated in England, and a bomb maker with no history and a completely ruthless personality proves to be close to the investigation and hard to spot for some. It's a chilling idea, and very realistically portrayed. At one point I was wondering if rather than "general terrorist alerts" it might be better to get a bit more pointed with senior personnel warning them to be realistic. Just because someone young and beautiful is coming onto them, perhaps a glance in the mirror and a reality check wouldn't hurt?

As you'd expect in a thriller of this nature, there is action aplenty, with pace and a bit of over the top survival of the desperate. There's also lots and lots of threads running out from the central characters - into family and close ties, working on that idea of deep cover, being one of the most sobering.

The only minor quibble is possibly that there's too much of that connection - too close an inspection might make it seem like it's an unrealistically small world. If you get a chance to notice. There is also an awful lot going on, and perhaps a few too many close but not quite type scenes that do slightly detract from the pace. And a very convenient bit of teenager jeopardy that you could see coming from chapters away.

Still minor things in THE BOMB MAKERS - a thriller that was certainly a quick, exciting and engaging read.

by Amazon Customer

Action packed thriller! Fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat turning them pages! Not your everything thriller! If you haven't pick up a copy yet, you sure are missing out on a great read!

by Peggy Salkill (Undercover Book Reviews)

My son sent me this and it has kept me gripped through a Spring holiday weekend. It is a cracking read with well researched plot and interesting, plausible characters. I really enjoyed The Bomb Makers.

by Christine Jackson

Really enjoyed this book. It was well researched and it kept the reader interested all the way through. The only part slightly disappointing was the ending, as I wanted certain people to receive the accolades they deserved. Great novel though, and I would read more by this author.

by Erinne JC (Australia)

I wasn't sure that "The Bomb Makers" would be my cup of tea. I'm not generally a fan of violence-filled, high-action stories. That said, I have to say that this one was good enough to change my mind. The tale of a multi-facted terrorist plot, and the desperate efforts of law enforcement to foil it, kept me on the edge of my seat. More importantly for my tastes, Marcus Case never allows his characters to become caricatures. The terrorists, as well as the cops, are rendered in all their three-dimensional complexity. For readers who might be sqeamish about blood-and-gore, I recommend "The Bomb Makers" as a story that they might find satisfying nonetheless.

by Linda Gould

For a first book this is extremely good.
The plot is cleverly contrived and builds steadily, to the climax, in a way that makes it hard to put down.
The main characters are so well portrayed that they almost talk to you.
I look forward, with anticipation, to book number two.

by Hugyjack

Through exploring his characters in detail, the author has delivered a convincing and frightening fictional tale of trust betrayed, infiltration, and the harmful consequences of terrorist activities. It is not surprising to learn that Marcus Case has experience in ‘The Force’, as this is clear in his compelling writing – he understands what goes on down at the station, but has clearly had the urge to attempt to contemplate the minds of criminals. He explores each character’s motives, while simultaneously delivering their detailed back-story. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story.

I see he is writing a sequel – I’m looking forward to reading about the surviving characters’ future skirmishes and tribulations.

A great read – I can recommend it to anyone who loves a good, intense crime story.

by Claire Cogbill

A fantastic thriller, action packed on every page. Strong characters that came to life and I felt as if I really was watching. It would make a great film. More please Marcus Case.

by Tigger

Sharp and exciting, a real page turner.

by Hugh Jackson

The Bomb Makers is a thrilling ride from beginning to end. The plot is complex and multi-faceted, but pay attention, because no thread is squandered. It all comes together in a totally page-turning read, ever more so as the plot threads draw together and time begins to run out.

This book has clearly benefited from the sort of attention to detail in terms of editing, that one normally associates with mainstream/traditionally published books. The author has done a very thorough and professional job on this debut. There’s not a wasted word, anywhere.

It’s clear too, that Marcus Case has intimate knowledge of his subject matter – the detail of the anti-terror police pursuit of the bomb makers is precise and compelling, without ever being overdone. It all feels disturbingly plausible. It’s also intricately researched and very carefully constructed. Readers expecting realism won’t be disappointed.

The diverse clutch of characters is not generally likeable, but for that, they are all the more engaging. The violence is gritty and the author doesn’t shy away from sensory realism either. Here and there, the dialog can come across as perhaps a little formal, but this is a very minor criticism of what is an excellent, ripping read.

The Bomb Makers could easily hold its own amongst the best traditionally published and best-selling authors in its genre, on any bookshop shelf or front table. It’s an exceptionally good read and it’s astonishing to me that this hasn’t been picked up yet by an eagle-eyed literary agent.

by J Lawford

Marcus Case

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