Troubador The Bittern’s Call

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018844

eISBN: 9781838599188

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Bittern’s Call


1986. 21 year old Maggie is desperate to escape her violent partner. Damaged mentally and physically by Adam, she has reached her lowest point when she stumbles upon a medieval house, Langley Manor. She finds herself drawn to the ancient site and experiences both the frightening voices of people she cannot see, but also a soothing comfort she has never felt before. Soon after, quite by chance, she is given the opportunity to escape Adam and finds herself working and living at Langley. It seems fate is playing a helpful hand.

But Maggie soon discovers that malice can surface anywhere as her intimidating boss threatens her new life, and her already fragile mind is tested to the limit when she starts to see visions of a strange man in and around her new home, Keeper’s Cottage.

Believing that she is being haunted by a ghost, Maggie and her new friend Anne, research the history of Keeper’s Cottage and when the identity of the man is discovered, Maggie thinks the mystery is solved. But her journey to find an incredible truth is just beginning; a discovery linking past to present that will give Maggie the courage to face her fear of people and of life itself. 

A thoroughly enjoyable read. The author led us through a story of intrigue, twists and turns and introduced us to some great (& not so great!) character's.

by T'ba

Good Summer read, enjoyed it :-)

by Marsie

Maggie escapes from her abusive partner to start a new life, which brings her far more than she could ever have hoped for. A heartwarming story of self discovery, hope, love and much more. I would thoroughly recommend it.

by Mrs BDT

From the very first paragraph I was drawn in and needed to know what happened next. Everything was so beautifully described that, along with the fascinating story line, there was also an ever changing atmosphere. It was a privilege to go on the journey with Maggie, learning along the way that it is possible to gain strength from bad experiences and turn your life around.
A brilliant read, I couldn't put it down!

by Julie Pelly

This book has to be one of the best books I have read for a very long time. I was sucked in by the first chapter and I couldn't put it down.
I just can't wait to read another book by Sue.

by Becky Dawson

I really enjoyed this book, loved the characters and the story line - really looking forward to your next book Sue!

by Fran

Loved it!

A true page turner from the start, as you emerge into Maggie's heartwrenching and heartwarming journey, with an excellent cast of supporting characters.

It's a captivating debut. This author is definitely one to watch!

by Lianne

I couldn’t put this book down, thoroughly enjoyed it.

by Tracey Erskine

This is a beautifully written and evocative first novel from Sue Lumb. It was a pleasure to read from beginning to end, one of the few books that have made me both cry and laugh out loud. Can't wait for the next one Sue.

by Julie

A brilliant read.
The storyline had several strands and strong characters which kept me gripped, grabbing my attention from the beginning.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

by Sarah

I really enjoyed this book, it is a real page turner and I was so engrossed I read it in two sittings. The interesting and relatable characters and storyline keep you intrigued from start to finish. Can't wait for the next book Sue.

by Lisa

Fabulous read. Story with beginning, middle and end. Well researched with just the right amount of jeopardy to keep one turning the pages. Looking forward to the next book from Sue.

by Sheila

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