Troubador The Big Pipedream Society

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784620936

Format: Paperback

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The Big Pipedream Society


An affirmation of protest, one man’s retaliation against the ‘nanny’ state, an allusion to the ineffective policies... In society, we are endlessly told what to do, how to live our lives and, more importantly, how to feel, by those we elect into power. The Big Pipedream Society is an account that highlights the inadequacies within society, whereby the bureaucrats in power claim to work for the country but actually work for themselves. It is these men and women who, in their own pipedream, frequently avoid direct answers to simple and important questions. More often than not, these answers are usually provided after retirement or in anger. The author combats the lessons that at least two governments have failed to learn, in addition to identifying the implementation of ineffective policies that are justified by feeble excuses. The characters in the book, such as the Cornish psychoanalyst Doctor Cal Trevially, who specialises in feline psychotherapy; the Reverend Leonard Feely; the pop star Jane Flighty (also known as Lady Caca); the political adviser Tony Byre; Madame Claudine Lepers, the head of an international criminal syndicate (URCI), and the famous Professor of Alternative History and Linguistics, Simon Twister – all inter-relate in a hilarious fashion. This book will appeal to those who enjoy reading about important social and political issues. The author has taken inspiration from books such as Alice in Wonderland and Animal Farm in order to provide a socio-political satire with serious undertones.

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