Troubador The Big House

Released: 28/07/2019

eISBN: 9781838599768

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The Big House


Lucy is 15. She and her teenage friends are waiting to give evidence in criminal trials against a fanatical religious sect that worships the Magnifico and disposes of detractors by lethal injection.

Their lives are in danger and they are sent out of London for their own safety, and placed in a foster house in Wales where the Magnifico has no followers. The foster mother seems kind, but they are unable to trust anyone but themselves. Their experience of the world outside the confines of the sect is extremely limited and they have to rely on their wits and resilience to battle through dark times. Although they are careful never to divulge anything that might help the Magnifico to track them down, his agents have their ways and means.

A sequel to The Father's House.

The Big House is refreshingly original. I really enjoyed the writing and the overall story and premise. Page turning addicting. Must read!

by Melissa

A very cleverly written book. That is refreshing and new and grabs your attention from the beginning. A well written book. With great characters and character development. A refreshingly new storyline and it will have you gripped throughout.

by Karen

This is part of a series but I think also stands alone as a great read

The cover is what drew me in initially and certainly does the job - congratulations to whoever is responsible

This is clever and original. Grabbed my attention from the first page to last. I now need to go back to book 1 and read, reread this and then get hold of book 3. Then I will be completely satisfied !!!

A fantastic summer read

by Maria M

Absolutely fantastic had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more from this author. Storyline was great, characters were easy to connect with.

by Sarah

Larche Davies' second installment of her YA thriller sees 15-year-old Lucy, her small brother Paul, half-siblings Dorothy (17) and David (15), being hunted once again by the Magnifico's terrible sect. The Big House title refers to the refuge they eventually find in Miss Clement's house in a small seaside resort in Wales. During the course of the book the Big House turns from a temporary shelter into a real home where love, not fear reigns. Disturbing to the point of making one's flesh crawl with the horrors such religious fanaticism inflicts on innocent young people, the book takes the reader through a world where nobody can be trusted. Plot, structure, pace and characterisation are all faultless. The Big House is a highly entertaining read. Loved it!

by Nanina

WOW! I didn't realise this book was a sequel and in my opinion that didn't matter. I easily read and, thoroughly enjoyed this novel as a stand alone book although I must confess I'm quite eager to read the first and I have my fingers and toes crossed for a third in the series. The book opens with four children ( two sets of bothers and sisters) whom have been raised and recently escaped from a cult, being sent to Wales to hide prior to providing evidence at the ensuring trials of the cult leaders. The plot follows this move along with the new situations the children then find themselves in and what they do to accept and thrive in them. A brilliantly positive book with a great cast of characters driven by the children themselves. I enjoyed every aspect of this read and it really made me nostalgic for novels of my childhood such as the Famous Five etc all be it with more mature characters and subject matter. A brilliant read for both YA and adults alike. Thankyou to Netgalley for this advanced copy.

by Leah

The Big House was an enjoyable read, and to an extent it had the feel of a YA novel. Four young people have escaped from a religious sect that keeps children locked up in communes, and disposes of them by lethal injection when they have become surplus to requirements. Dorothy, David, Lucy and Paul have made a vow never to be separated and to keep one another safe at all costs. Plenty of thrills and suspense, this was a book that was never dull. Dealing with the issue of trust and reconnecting with the outside world, it developed beautifully into a tale of courage and resilience against the odds. Ultimately, the feel good ending was saved from being too saccharine by the fact that one of the Magnifico's minions was still at large. There is potential for this story to continue and I would be interested in reading the continuing saga if there was to be another book. Whilst the sect and their manner of disposal was brutal, this was an easy read and I devoured it in one sitting. For fans of suspense and thrills and spills I don't hesitate to recommend it.

by Lou

This was a good mystery, it was well written with great characters and a great plot. I really felt the danger and was on the edge of my seat reading it.

by Kay

This book had me gripped from the get go. Trying to distinguish who were the bad guys and who were the good guys was more tricky than I thought at first. A good few unexpected twists and turns for good measure too. I'll be looking out for the author in the future.

by Pam

The Big House is a great story. I too read it as a stand-alone and not as part of the series. However, not reading the other book makes no difference at all.

The story follows 4 kids who belonged to two different families but have integrated to become a family all-together, after suffering family problems revolving around a religious sect. They are in need of protection, and thus, move to a 'safe house' in a new area far from home.

While they try to start a 'normal' different life, they are being searched for and once discovered, the story takes a lot of twists and turns until the very end. The unity these teenagers show in the face of uncertainty is greatly inspiring.

Overall, the story was a quick read, has no complexity to confuse, and is a straight-forward but action and dramatic paced write. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

by Ayesha

Lucy & her brother Paul, along with Dorothy & David are in hiding. They are about to give evidence in a trial against a fanatical religious sect. They have been brought up in this environment, away from the worls normal teenagers experience.

They are brought to a foster home in Wales. This house is owned by two eccentric sisters. Miss Marilyn is an academic who has little time for them & the other sister is a fanatical cook, who none the less manages to provide some sort stable environment for the four of them.

Always on the lookout for members of the sect the four begin to experience a slightly more normal life. However members of the sect are determined to keep their secrets & are not afraid to remove anyone who challenges this.

I didn't realise that this was part of a trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a stand alone & I think I will keep it that way- although there is always the possibility that my curiosity will get the better of me when book three appears!

by Maggie

The book, The Big House by Larche Davies is about four children, who have escaped a cult and after different trials, that the two older ones appear as witnesses, set out to rebuild their lives.
I read this book as a stand alone book and not as part of the series, it is a young adult book and is a fascinating story about how the four children from two families come together to become one strong unit. Recommended.

by Christine

This story features four young adults who come from separate families and ultimately become one unit vowing never to leave each other.
I enjoyed reading the book and the progress the story takes. It has suspense and mystery to the book as well! It has the potential to have another book written with ending, so look forward to a sequel!

by Bee

A book that is sure to entertain someone looking for a different read. It has a unusual plot and a crazy cult. You got to love a good crazy cult book, Right?

by Floyd

I didn’t know there was a first book to this until after I read this one, but this can be read as a stand-alone I loved this book so much I will go back and read the first and anxiously wait for the third.

This was a quick read and it was hard to tell who the good guys and who the bad guys were until the very end. Plop down on a rainy day and get ready for a thrilling read.

by Dawn

I've since found out that this is part of a series but having not read the others, it definitely worked ok as a standalone. The book is about four children where three of them grew up in a cult. They've to testify in court about the cult so are placed in a safe house in Wales. It's a fairly quick read and although its branded as YA I think it would be of interest to adults too. It's a gripping read and quite an unusual concept.

by Natalie

The storyline was fabulous and had me (forgive the cliche) on the edge of my seat. Had to read with the lights on. If you love thrillers, this is a new one for you to look out for.

by Claire

I really enjoyed this book that was a quick read for me. It is well written, had good characters and a good storylibe and pacing. It deals with sensitive issues in a really good way and there is the perfect amount of intrigue, suspense and twists to keep the reader engaged.

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