Troubador The Belief Gene

Released: 22/04/2016

eISBN: 9781785896422

Format: eBook

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The Belief Gene

A murder mystery and political thriller


At a European Union summit in Brussels, a shadowy conspiracy forms to steal secret technology from the Catholic Church; in a hotel bedroom in Krakow, Poland, a woman steals semen from a rich footballer; in Bautzen, Germany, a butcher takes delivery of human meat from a Polish murderer of prostitutes; and in Rome and Krakow, a scientist and a priest plot to use a drug which can manipulate the beliefs of millions of people.

Inspector Tom Zalucki of the Krakow Police is faced with the hardest puzzle of his career.

Why has a professional assassin expertly murdered a young Italian priest and a Ukrainian cleaner in the male toilets of Balice International Airport?

Why has the Italian’s body been stolen from Krakow City Morgue and then butchered in a cave in the heart of the Indestructible Forest?

What is the connection with the fifty cannibal murders by the German Franz Tham in war-torn Krakow in 1943?

Why is the powerful American head of the Catholic Order of the Galatians actively obstructing the police investigation?

What is the link with a secret Krakow fertility clinic and a Roman biological research laboratory? How does the science of ‘epigenetics’ fit into all this?

What is the relevance of the blackmail plot affecting a famous English footballer, being investigated by his influential PI, a gay Moslem Tatar, with whom Zalucki has clashed in the past?

Aided by the beautiful coroner Ewa Kwiatowska, Zalucki must piece together the appalling truth, in a dangerous race against time that will pit him against a powerful secret group of Brussels-based conspirators drawn from all parts of the European Union hierarchy. His investigations will have tentacles extending deep into the darkest parts of Polish history and politics, and into the heart of the Catholic Church. Overshadowing everything though will be the hunt for the ultimate drug to control us all…by the manipulation of The Belief Gene.

Hello, everyone, Danny here.

The Science:

I'm sure that there are many of you who think that the very concept of a 'Belief Gene' is ridiculous, let alone that it can be manipulated by a drug. And yes, the novel 'The Belief Gene' is a work of fiction. But take a look at the work of the American scientist Dean Hamer:

You'll see that real life----in this case, real science---can often be as surprising as fiction!

Never heard of 'epigenetics'? You think it sounds a bit sci-fi? Well, take a look at these links:

The Politics

And now for the politics.....well, all good fiction should surely have a basis in real life. So I'll upload a few links ....

I love that last one from the Independent. As someone said in chapter 15 of 'The Belief Gene': whenever something goes wrong, demand 'More Europe'. European integration is never to blame for a problem, more of it is needed to solve problems it itself has created/exacerbated! Fabulous!

Democracy is a precious thing. Once a governmental system loses touch with its electorate, and exists solely for its own purpose it is but an oligarchy. The words of Bertold Brecht in 'The Solution' are apposite:

Oh, and as concerns Poland versus the EU Establishment, here goes:

Still, the idea that the EU would actively remove a democratically elected government and replace with one more to its taste is madness, surely?

Still, nice to think that we live in a free country, and cannot be prosecuted for 'insulting' awfully important politician-types or jolly intelligent eurocrats. Or is it just a matter of time:

The Serial Killing

As for Mr. Skinner, the cannibal-murderer and self-styled surgeon: well, take a look at this site:

But if you want to know more about Franz Tham and Anna Motek, Mr. Skinner's 'grandparents' (perhaps!), only Polish-language websites exist...,Niemiecki-rzeznik-mordowal-w-Krakowie-mlode-Polki-i-sprzedawal-ich-mieso,wid,16324352,wiadomosc.html

The Tatars of Poland

For those of you who want to learn more about the history of the Tatars in Poland, take a look at:

Ramazan Turawski may be fictional, but he represents an ideal of co-existence and integration which is an example to us all.

Krakow The Beautiful

Krakow is one of the world's most magnificent cities. Go visit, even if you can't afford the room in the Sheraton where David Wadsworth and 'Bozena Ryk' had their 'encounter'.

But why not dine where Zalucki and Kwiatowska had their famous dinner? Maybe like Tomasz or Ewa, you'll get lucky that very night...

Or maybe you want to drink and eat chocolate like Geoffrey the Blackmailer at the Circus Family Cafe:

Or go to Kazimierz, and see the Ariel restaurant in ul.Szeroka where 1B and the Chairman met, for their nefarious purposes:
And finally, a challenge: In 'The Belief Gene', Mr. Skinner is often humming or singing his favourite Alice Cooper song. The song is not named in the book. Can you guess which song it is?

The 'Assassin Gene' is coming soon!!

The sequel to 'The Belief Gene' is being written right now. It'll be called 'The Assassin Gene'. You'll meet some of our friends again: Zalucki, Ewa, Fabian, Anna and Ramazan; even Mr. Skinner is back in the hunt. Le Mouvement pour la Creation d'un Nouveau Monde haven't gone away either, and its new Chairman is playing a very dangerous game indeed......

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The Church has a secret weapon, developed to build an army of unwitting soldiers for Christ. Secret right-wing elements of the EU government will do anything, ANYTHING, to get their hands on it. Enter, stage right, a cast of dozens including a world class soccer star and his posh wife, a dominatrix with serious skills, holy virgins, a cannibal undergoing an identity crisis, and detective rubbing the clergy the wrong way.

As one character asks rhetorically, “Where the hell is all this going?” Free wheeling through Rome, Krakow, Brussels and Edinburgh, this scatalogical story is morbidly imaginative and dense with interwoven plots which miraculously come together by the last page. Written by a husband and wife author team under the nom de plume Danny Roberts, with tongues firmly in cheeks, this dark comedy often veers into the black.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

by Rusty Clark

This one had me awake into the early hours….a whole series of well-developed plots, characters and themes all coming together at the end. The whole thing was fascinating and well executed.

This is a book for every reader – everybody will find something interesting. There is good old-fashioned romance on the one hand and (on the other hand!) a skilled dominatrix performing her “art” on paying customers. There are murders and kidnappings and a good detective story and a mystery…

There is a celebrity couple grappling with infertility issues while the husband is being blackmailed over children he fathered with a lover in an encounter he has no recollection of.

The Catholic Church with a mystery drug fights off a secret section of the European Union masters who want to control us all…through the new science of epigenetics and we would not even know. Something to read if you are a euro-sceptic…. or not.

There’s a cannibal-murderer on the loose, who thinks he’s descended from some WW2 character, and nuns bearing children without ever having sex….

These great plots are all interconnected, and come together at the end beautifully. You will get the value of several books for the price of one! Absolutely fascinating.

The book’s action is spread across Brussels, Rome, Krakow, the Yorkshire Moors, Belgravia, east Germany and Edinburgh. It has some very likeable characters, and others so horrible you would not wish to meet…

The book absolutely gripped me – the pacing is relentless, the timing of the plots coming together perfectly – and at no point did I guess the unexpected and shocking ending. This was one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a while.

by harold cohen

A gripping yet very interesting novel and highly recommended.

by David Kaye

5*: I loved it. So many varied tales wrapped up to one to make one fantastic story. I could not but this down and have already told many others to read The Belief Gene.

by Lisa Jackson

I found this book difficult to read at the beginning, it lacked coherence and felt like a bumpy read. It then came to my attention that the book was written by two people which explained the difficulties. Then suddenly it started to come together and I enjoyed it from that point on. Much of it is comic, like there is a couple who are a take on the Beckhams, David and Becky Wadsworth. David has his sperm stolen and is being blackmailed. There is evidence that he is the father of twin boys. He goes to Krakow and hires a gay, moslem, tatar PI to find who is behind the blackmail. They track down the suspect to a fertility clinic run by a RC sect. At which point this trail connects up with a Krakow Police case. A RC priest of the Order of the Galations is a courier for an important package to Krakow, he and a cleaner are murdered at the airport. Krakow Detective Inspector Tomasz Zalucki investigates. He encounters a hired assassin, slippery behaviour from the head of the Order, and an aptly named Mr Skinner who is a serial murderer, cannibal and engages with other gory practices. Mr Skinner becomes smitten with the partner of Zalucki and abducts her. The political parties behind the hired assassin order a hit on the assassin after there is blanket media coverage on him. What the Order have is the ability to turn non believers into one true faith believers, the belief gene. This is something that draws the shadowy political alliance into wanting to acquire this for their own purposes. With the influential figures that the Order have nurtured to ensure their agenda spreads, the seeds for revolt against the EU are planted. Add a dominatrix to the plot and you have a bonkers but entertaining book. The finale in Scotland is exciting and fun.

by Paromjit Hayers

Danny Roberts

Danny Roberts is the pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team who presently live in England.

Anna and Danny are avid readers.

The 'Belief Gene' is their first published novel, and the sequel,'The Assassin Gene' is underway! It will be published within a few months.

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