Troubador The Baskerville Whale

Released: 12/01/2022

eISBN: 9781803138671

Format: eBook

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The Baskerville Whale


A series of unexplained deaths. A popular new video game. Could the two be linked?

One Sunday morning, Detective Inspector Auguste Allinson receives a call from his trainee partner from the local hospital, where a senior doctor has expressed concerns regarding an increase in unexplained deaths.

Allinson is due for retirement but, trying to delay its arrival, decides to take on the dead end case – but what seemed like a simple case to crack turns out to be more complicated than he could have ever imagined. His investigations lead him to a games company, an online role playing computer game, and the virtual town of Saltwitch.

After several more deaths, a meeting with a mysterious suited man and a close escape on Dartmoor, Allinson is forced to play the game for real, but who can he trust in this virtual world? Can he find the murderer? Can he stay alive?

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Julien Willis

Originally a computer engineer, I have worked in the retail sector for the past fourteen years. I am an avid, although slow, reader with an interest in horror and sci-fi but will read most genres. About ten years ago I decided that I might as well have a go at this writing lark myself. After a few failed screenplay attempts I started writing short stories and was rewarded with being shortlisted a few times but always seemed to miss out on being published.

Four years ago I had an interesting idea and decided to turn it into my first novel. 'The Baskerville Whale' was the result.

My ideas centre around mixing reality with fantasy, myth and the inconceivable. Bending the rules of the known with the unknown.

You can catch up with me on Twitter @WriterGoneGrey

Happy reading.

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