Troubador The Artemis File

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018738

eISBN: 9781838599423

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Artemis File


A national newspaper publishes a crossword, a catastrophic event that reveals covert intelligence known only to the security services. And a defected CIA officer, long thought dead, suddenly reappears in London, passing an envelope to a total stranger in St. James’s Park. An envelope which is completely empty…  

Cue panic in London, Tel Aviv and Langley, Virginia – before a desperate chase is launched to preserve a secret kept hidden for over 20 years; a real-life conspiracy so breathtaking, it threatens to bring down governments and change the balance of world power for ever. 

Who is threatening the establishment, what do they want, and crucially, who or what is Artemis?

Adam Loxley is the accomplished British author of crime and political thriller fiction.

Adam Loxley's debut novel, 'The Teleios Ring' was published in 2011.

"With The Teleios Ring, Adam Loxley masterfully constructs a complex and intelligent thriller that combines the classic English murder mystery with the murky world of politics and international espionage."

His latest novel, The Artemis File, was published in 2019 and brings another intoxicating mix of political intrigue and gritty crime thriller to the book stage

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It is such a pleasure that we have another Adam Loxley thriller with the continuing exploits of Craven and his other diligent investigators in a sequel to The Telios Ring
He has yet again spent time and energy to include very desirable and interesting locations thereby adding great colour
As a comparatively recent author Adam Loxley has treated us to a spectacular tale of mystery and intrigue - but would definitely suggest that any other critic not divulge too much of the plot (and certainly of the denouement) so that the new reader can enjoy this to the full - enthralled into the early hours!!!

Already looking forward to another ............

by EMO

Brilliant! If you liked The Teleios Ring you’re going to love this. Yet another complex, intelligent conspiracy thriller featuring Loxley’s anti-hero Craven. As before, this is a real page-turner with lots of pace, a cracking plot and really strong characterisation. One of the best thrillers I have read in ages.

by Welshgirl

Adam Loxley

Adam Loxley lives in the Weald of Kent. Other than creative writing his passions are music, world cinema and contemporary art.

Adam Loxley's identity remains a real life mystery, even to his closest friends and colleagues...

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