Troubador The 9th Heresy

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784620912

Format: Paperback

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The 9th Heresy

A Modern-Day Quest to Find the Tomb of Christ


A modern-day quest to find the tomb of Christ

On October 16th 1969, a London auction house offered for sale a 13th century parchment containing a religious text scribed in Latin and pertaining to reference the legendary lost treasure of the Cathars. Following a graphology test, the writing was attributed to medieval Cathar historian, John of Lugio.

In 1971, the new owner of the parchment, Gilbert de Chérisey, discovered a steganograph hidden behind the writing, containing references to the resting place of Christ – the Cross of Jerusalem, a Greek representation of Christ, and a Christogram.

Following Gilbert’s death, his son, James, continued the work his father had spent four decades attempting to prove. Leaving the confines of the de Chérisey baronial home of Weston Hall in Northamptonshire, James, accompanied by his childhood friend Amélie Rousseau, travels to Montségur to decipher the clues hidden within the Lugio Parchment, and where, by chance, discovery of the keystone is made...

The 9th Heresy will appeal to those who enjoy action and adventure books, that investigate historical and religious aspects.

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A spellbinding read. A absolute must for lovers of the DaVinci Code AAAAA

by David Blackman

An engrossing read. Brilliant! A true treasure mystery!

by Sarah Haywood

The author pulls you into the story from the beginning. The plot was fascinating and the main characters engaging. I kept finding myself asking the question 'is this real?' Each of the true 'treasure mysteries' the author used to form the overall plot seemed to have a natural link with each other - and this is where I began to think that the story had credibility and even truth, even though it is a work of fiction. Brilliant...

by Simon Holland

A book you wont be able to put down. Very enjoyable from the start. The storyline was gripping, especially the ending regarding the Oak Island mystery, which I have always been fascinated about. Had me believing the story might be real! I highly recommend this book :-)

by Natasha Holland

Spencer Wilder

Spencer Wilder was born in Gravesend, Kent in 1968. After leaving school in 1984, he became heavily involved in politics, using music as a vehicle to express his views. Spencer has worked for Earth Records as a singer/songwriter and has appeared on the BBC and in various newspaper articles.

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